Owned By The Alphas: Part Three

Free Owned By The Alphas: Part Three by Faleena Hopkins

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Authors: Faleena Hopkins
though she might throw up. Then a light shone in her eyes. She smiled and offered, “I want to sleep with both of you. That’s the only way to be fair. Then you’ll both know we didn’t have sex, that we just slept .” Both alphas made a noise and looked at each other. Reading their expressions, she released their hands and walked backwards, the torchlight beautifully falling on her. “Oh no no no. There will be no sex until there’s an audience. Those are the rules.”
    A smirk tugged at Red. “Nervous, Ali?”
    Calt flashed him a sideways smile. “She has to mentally prepare.”
    With a roll of her pretty brown eyes, Ali flipped around and left them staring after her voluptuous backside. “Yeah, yeah. That’s it. Um…NO. Remember, I was sick tonight? I need some sleep.”
    The smirk vanished and Red glanced to the other alpha sheepishly. He couldn’t believe he’d forgotten. He jogged to catch up to her, Calt already a step ahead of him.
    Calt picked Ali up before Red knew he was going to. She yelped at the superhuman speed with which he lifted her, and slipped her arms around his neck, grinning up at him as he announced, “If you are so tired, you should not be walking.”
    Red stifled a snarl, but Calt saw it and laughed.
    A t his den , the two alphas informed the packs what was to happen. The reactions were mostly favorable because everyone liked the idea of a show, and they were feeling already pleased after first hearing the news that a truce had been called, that there would be no more pack rivalry. They were to exist as neighbors…after the battle for their mate was realized.
    Red saw his newest member, Tawny, hold her tongue with great difficulty, but he didn’t fault her for that. He expected a bumpy ride with her, but would not punish her for her feelings as long as they did not harm the others.
    The wounded wolf’s worried reaction was what he found most interesting. Seeing the concern emanate from his second in command, that Calt could potentially lose and what the ramifications of that would be if he did, made Red’s confidence deepen. He was grateful for it, because he could feel himself falling for Ali. Giving her up was not possible. He had to win.
    Calt didn’t understand. They had no history. He couldn’t possibly have real feelings for her yet. He just wanted to own her, and this Red understood. Ali was compelling. She had a way of making a wolf feel like he was powerful and needed, even when she showed her temper. Who didn’t want that? She was feminine and soft, her ample curves intoxicating to touch and see. The way she moaned with all of herself made you feel like you’d achieved something. And she was clearly fertile. They don’t call them childbearing hips for nothing.
    But Red didn’t want to own her. He wanted to share his life with her, teach her all the things he’d discovered since he’d turned, watch her face as she explored his world, their world. He wanted her to have his pups and raise them into humans or wolves, whichever they turned out to be. He would accept them either way, he knew that. When he’d discussed his father with Calt, he thought of how he would be a better one, and the only female he wanted at his side was the five-foot-four inch human nervously wringing her hands next to him now.
    He reached for one of those hands and laced his fingers through hers. She gave his hand a squeeze and listened to Calt finish with, “Even though our numbers are off-balanced, I want everyone to judge honestly knowing there will be no punishment for your vote.”
    Red watched their faces, satisfied they would keep their word, as each nodded assent to the terms.
    “This is going to be interesting,” Gypha smiled. Others agreed.
    “In a couple hours, it will be daylight,” Calt announced. “It has been a long night. My pack will return home and you will join us there tomorrow night. Do you know the way?” Motis and Jal nodded. “Of course you do,” he said

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