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Authors: Blakely Bennett
Tags: Sex, BDSM, submission, bondage, domination, whipping
it will be on my
terms, not yours. I promise you that I will never do anything to
hurt you permanently. The only exception would be a tattoo or
piercing … and those heal.”
    “ So let me get this straight …. For us to
have a relationship it has to be on your terms? You aren’t willing
to consider anything else?”
    “ There aren’t any other terms for you and me,
Jane. You need this. You’ve needed this for a long time. We have
finally found each other and we will have a great life together.
This is how it has to be.”
    “ I was barely able to make it through today,” I
said, indignantly.
    “ Please, Jane,” he said, laughing. “Were you
hurt so badly I wasn’t able to fuck you from behind? I’m pretty
sure you enjoyed yourself. You can take much more than that … and
will. I have a question for you: have you ever cum as hard as you
did tonight?” he said with a knowing smirk. “Well, tell me, have
    “ No, but—”
    “ But nothing. This is just the beginning,
Jane,” he said. “Let’s just finish dinner and you can go back to
your place and think about it. If you decide to stay with me, you
will show up at our apartment at nine a.m. sharp tomorrow morning.
We will review the rules on the way back to your car.”
    “ Rules?” I said, but really, I expected
    “ Yes, rules. Shall we do it now?”
    “ Let’s get it over with,” I said, shifting in
my seat.
    “ Number One. Your body is mine. You will no
longer have control over your own pleasure. I will use your body as
I see fit for your pleasure and mine. Number Two. Follow my
directions totally and completely and without question. You must
follow them to the letter, nothing more, nothing less. Number
Three. Always have your legs open for me. Number Four. When you are
receiving discipline I expect you to be completely still. Number
Five. No words during a discipline session unless you are asked a
direct question. My favorite response is ‘Yes, please.’ The
exception to this rule is speaking the safe word.
    “ You should know in advance that if you use the
safe word, I will put up a wall between us.”
    “ A wall?”
    “ You will be in charge of your destiny at all
times. Use the safe word and we will be done.”
    “ I don’t understand. What are you talking
    “ My emotions. I’ve learned over the years to
have very good control over them. If you choose to leave, I will
turn them off.”
    “ You can just turn your feelings off? I can’t
do that,” I said, shaking my head and getting more scared. “So
you’re saying that if we don’t work out, you won’t be hurt at all
’cause you’ll just turn off the damn faucet? Great—”
    “ I didn’t say I wouldn’t be hurt. Let’s just
say we cope with our emotions differently. Shall we
    “ I guess.”
    “ Six. You will be punished for questioning an
order. If you don’t understand, that’s fine, but if you are trying
to talk me out of it then you will be punished. This refers back to
rule Two—follow my directions totally and completely and without
    Number Seven—my personal favorite—you will be naked
in our apartment always as I showed you earlier. Clothes off by the
front door.”
    “ Is that all of them?”
    “ Yes.”
    I didn’t know what to say. Stunned, I just sat there
looking out the window at the blur of the building next to us.
    * * * *
    After dinner, Luke walked me back to my car. He held
me tight in his arms and kissed me goodbye. “You have a lot to
think about,” he said, opening the car door for me.
    “ Yes I do,” I said, looking into his eyes. My
heart quickened and I had to look away.
    “ See you tomorrow,” he said, a laugh rumbling
in his chest.
    I couldn’t help but smile back at him. He turned and
I watched him move away into the light that cascaded from the
streetlamp then disappear into the darkness. I started the car and
headed home.
    I breathed a sigh of relief as I pulled into the

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