My Body-His
to bring you to higher and higher realms of passion. All you
have to do is trust me, give your body to me, and follow my lead.”
He pushed his body tightly against mine with unmistakable force and
strength, letting me know in no uncertain terms that he was the
master and I was there to serve him. I lay there, completely at his
    Luke clearly meant to take over my body and make my
body, his. My body-his? I wanted to resist, but the sheer pleasure
of that moment made all my earlier doubts disappear. I climaxed
with such force I thought I would break through the ropes that
bound me. As my body shook from my release, he continued to slam
into me from behind with abandon, his balls slapping against my
aroused clit in steady rhythm. I could hear my vagina sucking on
his cock, along with his loud gasps of breath, as he drove in and
out. Feeling him enlarge against my walls, I knew his release would
fill me with more than just pleasure. A moment later he pounded
more furiously as the lion’s roar began to rumble in his chest and
he shot his hot load into me, filling me until his cum flowed past
my lips and down my sensitive thighs.
    Fighting tears, I took a deep breath and sighed out
slowly as he lowered his body to cover mine. His heart beat rapidly
against my back.
    We lay like that for a few minutes until he pushed
himself up, slowly stroking my back and buttocks as he withdrew. He
began untying each of the ropes that kept me secured to the
ottoman. Helping me up onto my shaky legs, he turned me around into
his embrace. At that moment I began to cry uncontrollably. The
tears poured down my face, onto his shirt, and down my chest. The
sobs wracked my body with such force that Luke had to physically
hold me up. When they finally subsided, I looked up at him.
    He kissed each of my eyelids, tasting my tears.
    “ We have much to talk about but I imagine
you’re hungry as well. Off to the bathroom,” he said, shoving me on
my way.
    I understood him to mean that I should dress again.
Shutting the door behind me, I gathered my clothes and placed them
on the edge of the sink. I sat on the toilet, trying to collect
myself. I expected my movements to cause me discomfort as I
dressed, but there seemed to be no residual pain from the ordeal.
Once dressed, I felt brave enough to look at myself in the mirror,
but scared of what my eyes, looking back at me, would tell. To my
surprise, they looked soft and happy. I smiled at myself and left
the bathroom.
    Luke handed me my wine glass and I finished what
remained. “Thanks,” I said.
    He took my glass, placed it on the floor by the door,
pulled me into his arms and held me. I felt at peace—a sensation
that in retrospect completely baffles me.
    He led me onto the street and we walked to a
restaurant on the opposite side. “I’ve heard this place is good,”
he said, leading me to a booth in the back. “Would you like me to
choose?” he asked.
    I shook my head and said, “No, thank you.” I smiled,
gazing into his eyes, and then I glanced at the menu placed in
front of me. I felt encouraged that he’d asked about ordering for
me that time. Perhaps I still had some say when it came to moving
in with him.
    After we placed our orders, Luke started laying out
the plan.
    “ I am looking for a strong, independent woman.
You’ll make all decisions with regard to your life but one. When it
comes to your body, everything pertaining to your pleasure and mine
is entirely up to me. You’ll have no say-so. You will essentially
be giving your body over to me for my use.”
    I raised my hand but pulled it down quickly, feeling
ridiculous. “What if I don’t want you to do something you want me
to do?”
    “ You always have the option of leaving. We will
come up with a safe word or phrase that you can say when you want
    “ ‘ Out,’ as in the relationship is over?” I
    “ Yes, exactly,” he said, leaning back farther
in his seat. “When you decide to give me your body

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