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Free Propositioning Mr. Raine by Laurann Dohner

Book: Propositioning Mr. Raine by Laurann Dohner Read Free Book Online
Authors: Laurann Dohner
Tags: General Fiction
    “Touch yourself?”
    She nodded.
    “Do you do it often?”
    She looked away. “Do we have to really talk about this?”
    Her attention jerked back to him, his dark blue eyes pinned her where she lay. She sighed. “I have a high sex drive and Ted didn’t. I think I’ve hit my prime or something.
    I masturbate a few times a day and every night because it helps me sleep.”
    A soft groan came from his parted lips as he stretched out flat on his stomach between her thighs. “Fuck, that’s hot.”
    “What is?”
    He smiled at her from between her thighs. “You, babe. Most women aren’t that into sex. You’d let me fuck you morning, noon, and night, wouldn’t you?”
    She nodded. “If you did, I wouldn’t masturbate anymore.” She smiled, relieved that she hadn’t shocked him with her honesty, and encouraged to keep talking since he seemed turned-on by her answers. “You’re better at getting me off than I am. Thank you, by the way. You don’t know how—” She shut up. “Just thank you.”
    4“Close your eyes and feel.”
    She let her head fall back. Navarro used one of his hands to spread her pussy lips open to give him freer access to her. She gripped the bedding when he breathed on her sex an instant before his hot tongue teased her clit with a slow, lazy swipe and then another. She remembered to breathe until his mouth covered it entirely. A shiver went through her body when he used his teeth to lightly scrape the sensitive bud.
    Navarro played with her clit and slid two fingers inside her pussy and slowly teased her in another way. She bucked her hips as the bud tightened, swelled, and the aching inside her grew to a dull pain of need.
    “Please,” she panted.
    Full lips fastened over her clit and his strong tongue licked her with more pressure.
    His fingers moved fast and deep, pumping her hard in tune with what he was doing to her with his mouth. That was all it took. Trina arched her back, crying out his name, as the climax gripped her. He didn’t stop, making her cry out again and again until he let her go, removing his fingers.
    A deep growl penetrated her blissful haze of sexual satisfaction. Navarro. The sound surprised her, not used to a man making that sound as he gripped her. Trina didn’t protest as he flipped her over onto her stomach. Strong hands spread her thighs wide a second before his body came down on her as his hips settled between her legs.
    “Babe?” His lips were by her ear. “Relaxed?”
    She smiled. “Oh yeah. If I got anymore so you’d need a spoon to pick me up.”
    “I want you to stay that way.”
    She nodded. “I can’t move now but give me a few minutes.”
    A cry of surprise and pleasure burst from her when Navarro entered her slowly from behind. He was hot and hard as he pressed deep into her pussy. She moaned at the sensation of being stretched and filled by his rigid, thick cock. His legs spread her wider and he slowly fucked her in deep, long strokes as he totally pinned flat to the bed.
    She moaned, pushing back into him as best as she could but his weight was holding her down pretty effectively. He braced one arm for his weight and then shoved his hand between her hip and the bed to curl his palm between her thighs from around her hip until his fingers ended up rubbing her clit. He fucked her harder and faster, pounding against her ass where he had her pinned.
    With his fingers rubbing her clit and him moving inside her it was too much. She came again, screaming out, and clawed the bedding. Behind her Navarro bucked into her, groaning as he came, buried deep. He shivered, almost collapsing all of his weight on her after pulling his hand from beneath. He kissed her shoulder, trailing his lips up to her neck.
    “I’m going to wake you up in the middle of the night again. Can you take me in a few hours?”
    4She smiled. “Please.”
    Navarro chuckled. “You’re really a gift, babe.” He kissed her shoulder. “I’m done in.

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