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Authors: David Estes
I wanted you to know that I was a friend. I saw the snakes, but I didn’t realize that they had plagued your sleep your entire life.”
    “Yeah, and your plan kind of backfired when you poured the sand down my throat!” Taylor tried to sound angry, but a hint of a smile gave her away.
    Gabriel didn’t get the joke. “That wasn’t supposed to happen and it wasn’t me that choked you, I gave you the water.” He sounded a bit defensive.
    “I was just joking, tough guy.” Her face became serious again as she asked, “Then who was the other Being in my dream then? The dark one. Was that a demon?”
    “I’m so sorry, Taylor. As I mentioned earlier, while angels and demons have many different powers, some are the same. Demons are able to control dreams too, and in this case, a demon hijacked the dream that I had created for you and turned it into a complete nightmare.”
    As Taylor pondered his last statement, she became aware that it was getting light out. She yawned. “What time is it?” she wondered aloud.
    Gabriel checked his watch. “Just after six.”
    They had been talking all night.
    “Dammit! I have to get to class!” Taylor started to get to her feet and then swayed as she looked down from the rafters.
    Gabriel grabbed her arm to steady her and said, “It’s Sunday, no school.”
    “Regardless, I should get you home so that you can get some rest.”
    “Screw that, I still have too many questions, like who was the demon from my dream and what does he want with me? And why did you invade my dream anyway? Why have you told me all of this?” She yawned again.
    “I promise, I will explain everything, but only after you have slept a bit. You have nothing to worry about; you are in no immediate danger from that demon or anything else.”
    He put his arm around her. She felt relaxed and very, very tired. “I guess I could sleep for a few hours first,” she said.
    A moment later she was asleep. Gabriel picked her up, spread his wings, and soared back towards the dorms.

Chapter Seventeen
    A s Gabriel headed back to his dorm after delivering Taylor to her room, he was smiling to himself. Damn, I’m good , he thought. Not only was she in awe of the story he had told her, she was in awe of him, too. He could tell. Having her fall for him was all part of the plan and would ensure her cooperation with the plans of the Council.
    Crap , he realized he had forgotten about the Council. He was supposed to call to update them once his second contact with Taylor had been made. He flipped open his cell phone and pressed the speed dial for Dionysus. He smiled again as he thought of how many other angels would be jealous of his direct contact with the Head of the Archangel Council.
    Dionysus picked up on the first ring and Gabriel’s smile faded quickly when he heard the harsh tone on the other end of the line. “Where the hell have you been?” Dionysus snapped. “You were expected to check in hours ago!”
    “I…uh...” As good a liar as Gabriel was, he couldn’t think of a single one at the moment and it was better that he didn’t try; Dionysus would see right through the lie and would be even more furious. “I forgot. I am very sorry, my lord.” Gabriel hurried on before Dionysus could reprimand him again. “But I have very good news for you that I think you’ll be interested to hear.” He paused for a reaction.
    “Go on,” Dionysus commanded.
    “I have made second contact with the girl and I believe she may be exactly what we think she is. I told her the story that we agreed on and she took it quite well. I will be meeting her again tonight.”
    “Have you experimented on her yet?” His voice sounded like a mad scientist who was attempting to create a monster from a human, like Frankenstein.
    “Not yet, I thought it was too soon, but I will start with a simple test tonight to verify that she is the one.” Gabriel spoke confidently, but inside he wasn’t sure how he would

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