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Authors: K.M. Golland
it looked like
you were only a few hundred metres away, when in fact, you were kilometres. It
was simply phenomenal. The top of the rock was actually quite wide in area,
when you looked at it from the front, you got the impression it was long and
skinny, but it wasn’t. It’s width was nearly as long as its length. We were
quite high up, especially when you took into consideration the height Ayers
Rock was from the ground. I was curious as to exactly how high we were, so I asked
the extremely talented and sexy pilot sitting next to me.
    “How high are we?”
    He looked at me strangely. “About 6,500 feet. Why?”
    “How high can one of these things go?” I looked directly
down—which in my case was never a good thing to do—then I looked back at him
waiting anxiously for his answer.
    He smiled. “Approximately 14,000 feet, but you wouldn’t want
to go any higher than 9,000 feet, especially if you need time to safely get to
the ground in the event of a fire.” I turned my head to him. What freaking
fire? Why would there be a fire? “Don’t worry, my love, you are perfectly
safe.” He smiled reassuringly. I believed him, I felt nothing but safe around him,
I just didn’t like to hear the words fire, helicopter, and ground all in the
same sentence. He lowered the chopper back down to a height level with the top
of the rock. I think he did this to ease the concerns he thought I had. Either
that or he did it to get the full effect as the sun began to descend. Uluru
changed colour like magic right before your eyes, one minute it was bright red,
and the next it was orange—it was truly beautiful. I reached over ever so slightly,
and put my hand on his leg. He glanced down at my hand, then back out towards
the rock.
    “This is simply beautiful, thank you.”
    “It’s nothing in comparison to you, my love.” I rolled my
eyes and blushed. He winked at me then he turned the chopper quite sharply. I
screamed, not out of fear, but more out of excitement at the sudden change of
direction and angle we were now taking.
    “Shit, Bryce, a little warning would’ve been nice.”
    He laughed at me. “Do you like being upside-down?” Upside-down?
In a helicopter? Hell no!
    “No, don’t you dare! I mean it! Anyway, this thing can’t go
upside down.” I hoped I was right, although I had no fucking idea. He looked at
me with that ‘do you dare me face’ and straight away, I began to shit myself. “No,
no, no. Please no, I’ll do anything you want.” I regretted it the instant I
said it. His face returned to a shade of calm, but now he seemed quite
satisfied with the advantage he had just managed to secure.
    “Anything?” He raised his eyebrow.
    Ah Fuck. “Yes, although that’s not fair.” I crossed
my arms over my chest.
    “Did you want to go round one more time, or head to the
lodge?” I put my finger up to request one more lap, he smiled and took us
around again. The buses parked in the car park below looked like little white
Lego blocks, and I could make out a couple of climbers on their way down.  From
a helicopter really was the best way to see Ayers Rock.
    “Ready to go back?” I shot him a ‘what do you think look’,
which he deciphered instantly. He smiled and turned the chopper back in the
direction we came.
    I assumed we were heading back to the airport, but became
aware of our diversion when I noticed what looked like a group of white spots
on the ground not too far ahead. They stood out because the only other colour
around them was red. As we got closer, it became apparent the white spots were
in fact little white tee-pee style buildings. There was a helipad next to them,
and I now knew that was our target. Bryce landed the chopper with ease. He
climbed out and came around to my door. He went to help me out, but I just sat
there staring at him. “Are you coming, Ms. Summers?” I tilted my head to the
side. Yes, in more ways than one, Mr. Clark.
    “Thank you,” I said sincerely.

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