Kodiak Moment: An Alpha Werebear Paranormal Shifter Romance (The Arcadia Knights Book 2)

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Book: Kodiak Moment: An Alpha Werebear Paranormal Shifter Romance (The Arcadia Knights Book 2) by Olivia Gayle Read Free Book Online
Authors: Olivia Gayle
do our business.”
    Across from them, Warren sighed. “Amelia…”
    “Oh come on, Warren! Just make her leave so we can collect him and go, or I’ll deal with her myself.”
    The growl that came from Logan wasn’t at all human. It rumbled through him and should have put the fear of God into Abby, but it just made her bolder. Logan would make sure she was safe, Abby was sure of it. “I’m not going anywhere or less anyone deal with him until I know what’s going on.”
    Warren’s unsettling gaze landed on hers. “And you are…?”
    “His mate.”
    The words just flowed off her tongue like nobody’s business, when inside they made her quake. Logan’s grip tightened on her, and she could feel the surprise ripple through his body. Abby had meant only to use the word to lend credence to her position, not… She wasn’t sure. But judging from the sharpened gazes from the two in front of her, it definitely changed things.
    “We received word earlier this week that a giant Kodiak bear had killed a female tourist.”
    "You mean me." Abby didn't bother trying to keep the disdain out of her voice. "You should keep more up to date with the news, especially when it means death."
    Whatever attitude Warren had been copping was dropped; he was utterly deadpan now, his face betraying nothing. “The description of the animal fit Logan to a tee. We were sent up to check on and deal with the possible situation.”
    Beside him, Amelia rolled her eyes. “You mean you volunteered us to come up to this wasteland.”
    Warren shrugged. “We were assigned to ascertain the situation. I gave your picture to the local bartender and he tipped me off a few minutes ago.” His eyes moved to Abby. “Seems like our information was faulty.”
    “A pity.” Amelia examined her nails, buffing them against her t-shirt. “I was really hoping there’d be a fight this time. It’s been so boring lately.”
    Abby pursed her lips. “For the record, I was the female tourist who went missing, and Logan here saved my life.” She paused. “Well, after a fashion.”
    “She fell down a cliff running from me.”
    Logan’s voice was muffled against her shoulder, his breath warm against Abby’s neck. Her belly tightened as she suddenly became aware of him pressed against her side. The memory of their kiss in the woods popped up, and despite the company she felt a rush of heat between her legs.
    “Oh, brother.” Amelia scoffed, breaking the mood. “Yup, they’re totally mates. Can we just let them get a room please?"
    Abby flushed, mortified at having been caught. Behind her, Logan growled, and the tiniest of frowns puckered Warren's brow.
    "Are these two bothering you?"
    The new voice startled Abby. Meredith stood at the corner of the hotel, her arms at the ready by her sides. A pistol hung from her belt Wild West-style, her hand only inches away. Both her and Damon's eyes were on the newcomers, who tensed and crouched low.
    "No, we're good," Abby said hastily, pushing past the shock and not wanting to cause any problems. “This is Logan's brother and his partner.”
    "Partner?" Meredith frowned at Warren, who was likewise studying the older woman. Abby noticed that his eyes had turned a bright blue, but as she watched that faded into the normal color. A crease formed between his brow, the only sign of his feelings.
    Abby rolled her eyes. Stoicism must run in the family.
    “How did I not…” Smell you. It was how Abby had been about to end her sentence, but the words just didn’t sound right. “Notice you?”
    Damon beamed. “Because Meredith showered and did laundry, so finally smells good,” he said, blithely ignoring the look of death the older woman gave him.
    “I used a special soap I have for hunting,” she said, shaking her head ruefully as Damon’s attention shifted to the newcomers. “It keeps your body smells down provided you don’t sweat too much. Figured it might give me an edge on finding you folks if I wasn’t too

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