Werewolf Academy Book 4: Taken

Free Werewolf Academy Book 4: Taken by Cheree Alsop

Book: Werewolf Academy Book 4: Taken by Cheree Alsop Read Free Book Online
Authors: Cheree Alsop
wrong, Alex put his hands to his mouth and attempted to hit the notes Rafe had taught the students. It was hard to match the full tones of a wolf just with the mouth, so Colleen and Rafe had taught them how to compensate with their hands to round out the sounds.
    “Cup your hands a little bit more,” Rafe directed.
    The werewolf had reached his side soundlessly despite the crunchy snow beneath their feet.
    Alex did as the golden-eyed werewolf instructed, giving his hands more space in between which lowered his notes just enough.
    Howls answered his call. A shiver ran through Alex. His instincts wanted him to phase. Alex glanced at Rafe. The werewolf’s golden eyes glowed in the moonlight.
    “They’re here,” he said, his eyes focusing on the shadows.
    Wolves appeared beneath the trees. The scent of blood made them anxious. Alex wondered if winter had been hard on them. They looked gaunt and worn out.
    “The deer have been harder to find,” Rafe said softly, answering his unspoken question. “They’ll be grateful for this.”
    The Alpha, a big, tawny colored female, approached the deer slowly. She glanced at Rafe questioningly. The werewolf gave a low grunt of approval. The Alpha latched onto the deer’s leg. The other wolves quickly followed, helping their Alpha drag it into the trees. Soon, only a trail of blood across the snow and the sounds of the wolves eating in the forest remained.
    “Thanks for bringing the deer back,” Rafe said, saying more than the werewolf usually did. “You okay?”
    “Much better now,” Alex said. At Rafe’s curious look, he explained, “I couldn’t just leave it there. Thinking that I’d killed it for nothing, even by accident, would have been horrible. At least now it didn’t die for no reason.”
    “Life is a circle,” Rafe said. He gave Meredith and Alex a smile. “Out here, it’s simple. Kill or be killed; eat or be eaten.” He tipped his head toward the Academy. “It’s more complicated in there.”
    “Sometimes it feels like the same thing,” Alex replied.
    To his surprise, Rafe actually laughed. He couldn’t recall ever hearing the werewolf do such a thing. “If things get crazy, the forest is waiting,” he invited.
    The offer touched Alex. “I’ll keep that in mind.”
    “The wolves were sure grateful,” Meredith noted.
    “I’m glad,” Alex said, glancing at his mom. When he looked back, Rafe was gone, vanishing beneath the trees as soundlessly as he had appeared.
    Alex and Meredith made their way quietly back to the front of the Academy. Alex was surprised Meredith didn’t question him about his time with the humans. A quick check showed a determined expression on her face. He knew she was trying to give him his space and freedom.
    He decided to give her a break. “You can ask me whatever you’d like.”
    “Are you sure?” she asked, giving him a quick look. “I don’t want to pry.”
    Alex nodded. “Ask away.”
    She smiled in relief. “How was it?”
    “Nice,” Alex said.
    Meredith laughed. “Now I know why Cassie says you’re like talking to a wall.”
    Alex chuckled. “She said that?” At his mother’s nod, he gave in. “I guess I have been a bit preoccupied.”
    “She said self-centered.”
    Alex could picture Cassie calling him exactly that. “Well, with Tennison around, there hadn’t exactly been as much time to talk.”
    “She told me that, too,” Meredith said. His mom gave him a warm smile. “She just worries about you. She knows she hasn’t had as much time to be there for you, and so she asked me if I would make sure you’re doing okay.”
    The thought made Alex smile. “I can’t exactly hold it against her. She’s happy, and I can’t ask for better than that.”
    Meredith squeezed his shoulder. “You’re a good brother, Alex.”
    Alex thought about the dinner with the humans. “They were really nice, Mom. Cherish, the girl who invited me, acted like I was just another one of her friends, and the rest of

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