A Shade of Vampire
myself uneasy at what he was trying to imply. “What do you mean please him? Do you think…”
    “What else would you have done since you got here?”
    I could feel the heat rise to my cheeks, flushing as red as the blood running through my veins.
    “That ’ s not… I would never!” Here I was, a virgin, being rumored to have given the newly awakened prince a pleasurable night in bed.
    He furrowed his brows, an amused glint in the corners of his eyes. “You mean you didn ’ t…”
    My eyes widened. “No! I ’ m not that kind of girl…”
    “I ’ m sure you ’ re not, but can you blame us for thinking that he would be the kind of man who ’ d be able to make you do things you wouldn ’ t normally do?”
    I was rendered speechless. My mouth opened to say something in my defense, but none came out. I then creased my brows, because the first thought that came to my mind once I got over my shock was, Derek ’ s not that kind of guy.
    To my relief, the guard seemed over the whole thing. He chuckled, seemingly amused by my shock.
    “I ’ m Samuel,” he introduced himself, an easy smile forming on his lips. The blonde man with a lean build and short stubble was only a couple of inches taller than I was, though I figured he was somewhere in his twenties when he got turned.
    I knew I would be a fool to trust him immediately, but it felt like I ’ d found a friend in him. I flashed him a small smile. “Sofia.”
    “Like I don ’ t know that,” he winked. “The prince is known to be picky with women. The fact that he ’ s giving you the attention you ’ re getting practically makes you a celebrity here.”
    I wasn ’ t sure how to react to that. I was used to being obscure and invisible. Being told that I was known by everyone was a sensation I wasn ’ t used to, but found rather… flattering.
    “To answer your question, you ’ re owned by a legend. Derek Novak made the Blood Shade possible. Many vampires survived the shadow hunters because of his leadership. He found this island, built the Crimson Fortress and won Cora, the most powerful witch of their time, over to our side. He is the most powerful and revered vampire of the Blood Shade.”
    I held my breath, taken aback by the information. I knew Derek was somehow important to the coven, but I wasn ’ t expecting him to have all that legendary history backing him up.
    “Wow is right,” Samuel nodded.
    Right about then, the other guard came back. He shrugged. “The prince instructs us that as long as it doesn ’ t involve allowing them to leave the penthouse, we are to do whatever she says.”
    Samuel grinned at me. “Looks like we have a new princess.” He then pushed the door open to reveal the other girls.
    “Sam, dude,” the other guard said, “I don ’ t think making friends with the prince ’ s muse is good for your health.”
    “Relax, Kyle. She ’ s alright.”
    I raised my eyebrows and gave them a funny look. I was going to like those two. I stepped inside the girls ’ quarters, not quite knowing what to expect. Four pairs of eyes fell on me as I entered. I was surprised to find that they all looked relieved to see me.
    I realized I didn ’ t even know their names and they didn ’ t know mine, but it was almost as if we were long lost friends, because all four girls began throwing their arms around me.
    “Are you alright?”
    “What did he do to you?!”
    “He didn ’ t… force you, did he?”
    “Do you know what they ’ re going to do to us?”
    “Will we ever get home?”
    “Have you seen what ’ s outside? Is there any way we can escape?!”
    Question after question came at me before I could even come up with a single answer. I tried to calm and settle them down so I could answer their questions. I started with,
    “I ’ m fine. He didn ’ t force me or hurt me or feed on me. And I don ’ t think he will. I honestly think that while we ’ re here at the Blood Shade, our best bet of survival is to

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