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Authors: Emma Chase
    “What? Are they screwing in there?”
    “Yep. In the desk chair.” Then he grins. “Did you know Sofia got a tattoo?”
    An hour later, Stanton and Sofia emerge from the love cave—only slightly red-faced. Which Brent attempts to rectify.
    “You dirty dogs . . . what if poor Mrs. Higgens walked in on you?”
    Sofia takes a bottle of water out of the minifridge. “Sorry about that.”
    “Work up a thirst, did you?” I tease.
    Stanton slips his tie around his neck and ties it. “Samuel’s been coming into our bed at night. Every night. It’s made things . . . hard.”
    Sofia winks.
    Stanton gestures to Brent, Kennedy, and me. “See what y’all have to look forward to?”
    “Wait a minute,” Brent interjects. “Is that like a rule? Are we not supposed to have sex in our offices unless there’s a reason?”
    His eyes meet Kennedy’s. She shrugs. “Oops.”
    I get home late that night—after midnight. The house is dim and quiet; only Cousin It is up to greet me. He hangs out with me on the couch while I eat the plate of food Chelsea left on the stove.
    When I walk into our room, I find her stretched out on the bed—awake but tired. She’s got one hand on her stomach, peeking out from the snug-fitting tank top, and the other hand holding a thick book.
    “Hey.” She smiles at me.
    “Hey.” I loosen my tie and start to unbutton my shirt. “How’d it go tonight?”
    “Everybody’s good.”
    I crawl up the bed and kiss her stomach before laying my cheek against the warm, taut skin. “What are you reading?”
    She puts the book down and runs her fingers through my hair, rubbing my scalp. “A book on baby names.”
    “Ahh. Find any good ones?”
    Her fingers keep moving and my eyes roll closed under her ministrations.
    “I was thinking . . . if we have a little boy . . . we should name him Atticus, after the Judge.”
    My eyes pop back open, meeting her soft, tender gaze.
    “That is a good name.”
    Chelsea hums her agreement.
    I lift my head and press my lips against her stomach again—right next to the belly button that’s popped like a well-cooked turkey. “But what do you think about, if it’s a boy . . . Robert?”
    After her brother. I know it would mean a lot to her—and if it wasn’t for him, Chelsea and I wouldn’t have met.
    Her eyes seem shinier—wet and adoring. “That’s a good name, too.”
    I nod. “And this little one’s already going to have a different last name than the rest of the brood—don’t want him to feel like an outcast around so many
    “Good point.”
    “So it’s settled then? If it’s a boy, he’ll be Robert Atticus Becker.”
    I will never get used to the beauty that is Chelsea’s smile.
    “I love that,” she says softly.
    “Me too.”
    One more kiss later, I drag myself out of the bed and head into the shower.
    When I walk back into the bedroom, I’m greeted by the sight of my naked wife standing in front of the full-length mirror in the corner, turning left to right—checking herself out.
    And damn if my cock doesn’t appreciate the view.
    “Starting without me?” I tease.
    She bites her lip, smiling at me through her reflection in the mirror. “No. I’m just looking.” She cocks her head thoughtfully, running her hands up over the mound of her stomach, to her full, heavy breasts. “It’s such a strange shape. I’m fine with it, it’s temporary, but it’s just so . . . odd.”
    Her suddenly vulnerable blue gaze locks on mine. “Do you still think I’m pretty?”
    I can’t stop the snort that escapes me. My steps are purposeful as I approach her from behind and press up against her, my hard chest against her delicate spine, my cock sliding between the globes of her supple ass.
    A sigh seeps out from my lips, like I’m thinking it over. I sweep the hair from her shoulder and scrape my teeth against the skin of her neck.
    “You’ve never been just pretty, Chelsea. Heart-rippingly

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