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Authors: Vicki Lewis Thompson
hadn’t factored in the possibility that she’d be as hot for him now—hotter, in fact—as she’d been before. And still in love with him, as he was with her. What a disaster!
    Ethan got on the elevator as Cole got off. “Is Taryn in the building?” Ethan asked.
    â€œYes, and I hope you’ll leave her alone to work.”
    Ethan laughed. “I will, for now. I have to deliver some ornaments to the Denver Chamber of Commerce. Their president read Lark’s damned book, and the cheer level of their Christmas display is way down. But if Taryn’s here when I get back, I’ll stop in and introduce myself.”
    â€œDon’t hurry home.”
    â€œI love you, too, big brother.” The elevator door closed, obscuring Ethan’s grin.
    Cole blew out a breath and started down the hall. Then he remembered Taryn’s coffee request and stopped at Belle’s office.
    She glanced up from her computer. “Is Taryn here?”
    â€œYes, and she’s a coffee drinker.”
    â€œCool! I like her already.”
    â€œShe asked for a good cup of coffee mid-morning, and I thought, since you always go to Cup of Cheer around ten, you could bring back something for her.”
    â€œUh, sure.” Belle’s gaze flickered. “I have some errands to run in town, though, and they could take a while.”
    Something was going on with her and these errands, but this time of year, Cole knew better than to quiz his family when they acted mysterious. For all he knew, she had been planning to buy his present that morning.
    â€œHow about this?” Her expression brightened. “She can walk down there with me. I’ll buy her coffee, and then I’ll send her back here while I run my errands. That way she can see what they have and get the flavor she likes. Will that work?”
    â€œGuess so.” Cole wasn’t crazy about the thought of Taryn on the loose in Gingerbread. But he also wasn’t ready to be alone with her again.
    â€œThen we’ll do it that way. I look forward to meeting her.”
    â€œYou’ll watch what you say, though, right?”
    Belle’s green eyes widened innocently. “You don’t want me to tell her how destroyed you were when you had to break up with her ten years ago?”
    He scowled.
    â€œDon’t worry, big brother. Your secrets are safe with me.”
    â€œThanks.” He remembered he wanted to mention seeing Kris. “Our wayward Santa was out jogging when we drove past. Taryn decided he’s some guy who’s into role-playing.”
    â€œThat’s good. Excellent. And I’ve been meaning to tell you that Louie, one of our elves, has designed Spit-Up Baby Susie. He thinks it’s more realistic and should go into production ASAP.”
    â€œHave him send the prototype to me.”
    â€œYou’re not thinking of approving it, I hope!”
    â€œNo, but I’m curious to see how it works.” Any distraction, including a vomiting baby doll, would be a good thing.
    * * *
    Taryn needed caffeine. Mrs. Gustafson’s brew had worn off, and while Cole’s whimsical database with its dopey categories like
“Lots of Toys for Girls and Boys”
was entertaining, Taryn needed hot coffee, and she needed it now.
    When a green-eyed blonde wearing a trench coat tapped on the open door, Taryn hoped her visitor was there on a mission of mercy for the caffeine-deprived.
    â€œTaryn, I’m Belle.” Smiling, she hooked her purse more securely over her shoulder. “Cole said you drink coffee.”
    â€œI do. Is there a pot brewing somewhere in the building?” She wondered if Belle might give her access to a different floor. That would be exciting.
    â€œNot really. Get your coat and I’ll walk you down to Cup of Cheer. They make the best java in Gingerbread.”
    â€œI’m all over that.” Taryn saved her work and powered down the computer. “I

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