sounded wet, but not sloppy. It sounded sweet, but sexy at the same time. It sounded needy and desperate, even though he was taking his time, and when all that was coupled with the warmth of his lips, the taste of his mouth, and the subtle tickle of his breath, it turned into the most incredible moment of my life.
    That wasn’t possible.
    His head angled as he pressed his mouth harder to mine, and he groaned this breathy sound that caught in his throat when his groin pushed into me hard. It went on and on, sometimes slowing, sometimes speeding nearly out of control, and I closed my eyes tightly, letting the sensation take me someplace I had no business going.
    “Whoa,” came a woman’s voice and the nearby click of heels on sidewalk.
    Keegan finally parted from my lips, and he pressed his forehead to mine, breathing deeply and ignoring the source of the interruption for a moment. When he pulled back, he glanced at the approaching couple.
    “Why don’t you kiss me like that?” the woman asked the man beside her.
    The man chuckled. “Thanks for that, pal,” he said to Keegan with a smirk.
    “Sorry,” Keegan responded quietly.
    And the couple passed on by.
    I ran my finger over my lower lip. It was sore, but it was the most pleasant soreness, much like I’d felt after having sex with Keegan, though a different part of my body.
    “I have to go.” I put my palms on his chest, holding him at a distance.
    He nodded. “I think I should give you a ride. I’m not comfortable—”
    At just that moment, a cab rounded the corner with its light on. Fate was definitely telling me something. I stepped between the cars, holding my hand up to flag him down.
    “No need,” I said over my shoulder as the cab came to a stop next to me. I opened the back door, standing there and looking at Keegan for a moment.
    He was just watching me. He licked his lower lip thoughtlessly and pulled it into his mouth as though his mind were somewhere else, and then I climbed in the cab, refusing to look back.

Chapter 7
    SHE was dressed all in black, from the black ornate mask on her face to the long silk gown she wore. And though her eyes were obscured by the mask, there was no question it was her. I knew those lips, and while I much preferred them natural and kissable than painted crimson, as they were now, they were still her lips, and they were still very recognizable even from across the art gallery at the Renaissance Blackstone.
    The Mystery Masquerade Ball was an annual event held in mid-October that raised money for…something. I was starting to think all I did was follow David around from one hotel event to another—of course it was more entertaining than sitting through one of his city council meetings. I had no opposition to fundraising events whatsoever. Putting his money in the right places that looked good on paper was never a bad idea.
    But I was irritated.
    I’d not seen her for nearly two weeks, and the most I could say was that she’d also not seen David, though David had been traveling for a good portion of that time, so I’m not sure it was any great accomplishment. When I asked David about this event and who he intended to take, he’d waved me away dismissively, as though I didn’t have a right to know. He’d given my employers the right to manage this part of his life, and yet the man didn’t seem to like anyone managing anything at all when it came to his personal life. That was not surprising in many ways. The man was a chairman and CEO of a massively successful company, not to mention he’d successfully campaigned his way into the position of alderman for District 43. He didn’t get to the place he was in this life by worrying about every opinion that came his way or bowing down to men significantly his junior who were trying to control what he did with his frisky fucking cock.
    Gabe hadn’t called me once, even though I’d left her my number the first night I was with her. And I couldn’t decide,

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