I've changed. Maybe you should
think about changing, too. You deserve better than just being a
night on someone's calendar." I move past her and into the men's
locker room.
    I really should send her a vibrator or two.
It's the least I can do because even though she's a crazy bitch,
every woman deserves to come regularly.
    Knowing Cassie's swimming just a door away
has me changing my morning workout plans and putting on my jammers
instead of running shorts.
    I enter the pool and slide into lane two.
Cassie's already swimming laps and making her way back towards my
end of the pool. She's doing the backstroke, which is my favorite
stroke to watch her do because it pushes her breasts out of the
water. They're beautifully glistening and I can imagine my dick
sliding between the curves as she pushes her breasts together.
    Great. And now I'm hard.
    Friends. We're only going to be friends.
    I wait for her, hoping she stops swimming to
talk to me. When she reaches my side of the pool she spots me and
stands up.
    "Hey," she pants, out of breath from
swimming. I want to talk to her, I really do, but her blue swimsuit
is twisted and her breasts are practically falling out of the top.
It's very distracting to my dick.
    "You look great," is what falls out of my
mouth as my dick attempts to point directly at the distraction.
    She doesn't believe me and when she looks
down to appraise herself she sees what I see.
    "Theo," she yells while quickly fixing her
    "What?" I ask, laughing at her.
    "You should have told me my breasts were
falling out."
    "I would have, I just wanted a few more
seconds to look."
    She rolls her eyes and then cups her hands
before letting them hit the water with a smack. Water splashes on
me and I wipe it from my face.
    "Very mature, my little ninja."
    "I'm your little ninja now?"
    "Yep. Between your knowledge of where to knee
a man so that he can't have children and your splashing abilities,
you’re now my little ninja," I say, winking at her.
    "I guess now's the perfect time to tell you
I've also taken several self-defense classes over the years."
    I laugh. "See, you are my little ninja. I'm
glad I'm your friend now. I'd hate to be on the receiving end of
another one of your blows to the groin."
    Her smile fades and I don't know what I said
to make it go away, but I instantly regret whatever it was. I want
to make her smile. She should always be smiling.
    "So how long are you swimming today?" I ask
her, attempting to distract her from her thoughts.
    "Only an hour. I have to pick Alyssa up early
from school for a doctor's appointment."
    I only have an hour with her.
    "Do you want to make today’s workout
    She raises her eyebrows. "I'm intrigued. Keep
    "I was thinking we could race."
    Her eyebrows fall back in place as she looks
down the length of the pool and then back at me. "That's not really
a fair bet. I've seen you swim. You're really fast."
    "It's just for fun, Cassie. No wager, just a
friendly competition."
    We're the only ones in the lap pool so it’s
the perfect time to race. She places her goggles over her eyes and
yells, "Go!"
    She starts swimming freestyle and it takes me
a few seconds to realize that we've started the race... and she's
the only one swimming.
    The little cheater.
    I slip my goggles on and start swimming. I've
caught up to her by the second lap and passed her by the third. I
keep swimming lap after lap, and although she's now several laps
behind me she doesn't stop. I slip under the lane line and into her
lane when she starts a new lap. I swim behind her until we're
nearing the other end and then I reach out and grab her feet,
pulling her under the water. She kicks her feet until I'm forced to
let go and we both burst out of the top of the water.
    "You can't do that!" she shouts, gasping for
    "I didn’t realize we had rules, seeing as you
started the race off cheating."
    "Oh please, I needed a head start. You're the
best swimmer I've ever seen in this pool. And

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