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Authors: Eric Walters
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Copyright © 2004 by Eric Walters and Kevin Spreekmeester
    Second Edition 2007
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Author Photograph (Eric Walters): Paula Esplen
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    Walters, Eric, 1957-
    Death by exposure : an interactive mystery / Eric Walters and Kevin Spreekmeester.
    ISBN 978-1-55002-632-0
    I. Spreekmeester, Kevin, 1960- II. Title.
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To this beautiful country
of Canada and the undiscovered treasures within.
    To my wife, Sue, my son, Ben, and my daughter, Katie.
You continually support my dream of travelling to wonderful,
faraway places with my camera and pen, and love me so
much that the moment I leave I can’t wait to be with
you again. What a fantastic life I have!

    Death by Exposure
is a unique hybrid book that fits within no set box. It combines mystery fiction with photography, geography, mapping, history, secret codes, and Internet exploration. In short, there’s a lot to do in this book. At the heart of the story is the puzzle of who the man in the glacier is and how he came to be there. The key to the riddle might be found in the latitude and longitude of photographs the iceman appears to have taken. So, after reading the story and studying the photographs, you’re encouraged to do a little geography sleuthing and mapping in “Fun with Latitude and Longitude.” There may be a different number code that supplies the answers to the enigma of the iceman, and you’re invited to take a look at “Fun with Secret Codes” to see if you can crack the cipher.
    But there’s more! At the end of the book you’ll find notes on the photographs and some great Web sites you can visit to learn more about various places and things in Canada. And, if you have a creative knack, take a look again at the photographs and the fragments of writing, get some paper, and see if you can finish the iceman’s story about each picture. The important things, though, are to explore, experiment, create, and enjoy!

    â€œI’m not a helpless little kid, Mom!” Ben complained.
    â€œI know you’re not, but you
only twelve and your sister is only

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