Our End Of The Lake: Surviving After The 2012 Solar Storm (Prepper Trilogy)
attached to the key chain.
    “ Give her here , I know about such” said Stewart and half opened a can as a demonstration before passing it back to Dump to finish and practice on,
    “Hell that’s about as quick as a regular one” Dump said gleefully reaching for another to start on.
    “Its all in the wrist, once you master the technique there is nothing to it.” Stewart said reaching for the opened can and pouring the contents into his fry pan.
    “Tell me a bit about your cousin Dump”/ I inquired.
    “Well she is big as a house but not hard to look at” he began before Stewart and I started laughing at his description.
    “Runs in the family” I said smirking at Dump
    “See I told you he was a smartass” Dump said to Stewart handing him the other can but not taking any offense.
    “ She’s had many a suitor but lives at the old family place by herself and just well, likes it that way and aged enough that men don’t come around much anymore” He said describing his relative.
    “Hell of a cook though, Dave, if there’s something left to cook after the refrigerator and freezer turned off Dave, you’re in for a feast. She’s raising chickens though so I reckon we eat either way” he declared.
    “Sounds like a winner to me! How far do you think her place is”? I questioned trying to discern the map in the dim light.
    “I dunno, 8 or 12 miles, it’s a bitch to think about hoofing it versus driving it.” He contemplated.
    “Well one day’s forced march” I offered.
    “Probably, but you said something about staying out of the noon day sun and walking more at dusk like we were in the desert ‘ He countered.
    “Well if we got a destination in mind we don’t have to pace ourselves that strictly “I contemplated.
    “We will be there by 7 or 8 at night if we just take it light” I said hopefully.
    “I am figuring about the same” Dump said rubbing his feet.
    “Soups on” said Stewart digging in his picnic basket for some bowls and pouring straight out of the pan a portion for each of us.
    “Don’t need to soil a spoon I will just sip it out of the bowl with my beer” Dump said.
    “Even though at the moment we got lots of water to wash with, I second that” I declared.
    “We going to leave at first light or as soon as I wake up Stewart. As us country boys say, I feel like I been road hard and put up wet” I said venting how tired I was but I don’t think Stewart understood my saying. The party continued on for awhile and despite my own admonishment not to over indulge we did and I woke to the sun rising with the mung head.
    “Wake up call Dump, I said to my traveling partner who appeared to my bleary eyes to be a beached whale.
    Stewart stirred and sat up remarking “Blimey the world ends and we still gotta go to work”
    “Dump wake your big ass up buddy” I said nudging him.
    “I am awake, I just can’t move yet “Dump said rising up on one elbow blinking at the sun.
    “Its early as hell and getting hot already” he moaned.
    “Anybody wants some coffee” I offered
    “You will not be putting that foul brew in me pot” said Stewart reaching for his tea pot.
    “Hey compromise buddy, I just need some hot water and I am in charge of remaking the fire” I said staggering to my feet,
    “That’s right you got instant, sorry it’s just that I got my pot seasoned just right” Stewart said while regaining his own feet.
    “Dump you think that cousin of yours is going to object to some night visitors” I said
    “Do what”? He replied still trying to orient himself.
    “She ain’t going to take a pot shot at us appearing after dark in the middle of this shit is she” I explained.
    “Oh, no, she probably just thinks the powers out and hasn’t even tried her car yet, she don’t get out much.” He said moving the Van as he used it for support to get up.
    “Damn you said a mouthful then Dump, I wonder how many people actually don’t know the shit hit the fan yet” said Stewart

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