Twisted Perception (Flawed #2)

Free Twisted Perception (Flawed #2) by T.l Smith

Book: Twisted Perception (Flawed #2) by T.l Smith Read Free Book Online
Authors: T.l Smith
Tags: General Fiction
should find out, don’t you?” he stepped in front of me. I shook my head no, I didn’t want to know.
    “I’m going out,” I said and turned to leave.
    I made my way to Bexley’s hotel. Zeke had called me and told me where she was and what she was doing and I had to admit I was pissed. When I knocked on her door, she looked shocked to see me. Her eyes were wide and she didn’t say anything at first. I told her I knew what she did, and I didn’t care, which was half true. I liked her, a lot, which was odd for me as I didn’t like many girls.
    We talked for a bit and I headed off to grab some lunch and when I returned her door was cracked open. There was a needle on the ground and I recognized it straight away. I used that type of needle when I captured my men.
    I went to the reception and found the security room. They didn’t want to let me in at first until I said, “How about this? You let me see five minutes of security of one room and I’ll show you my tits.” The two men, who looked like they hadn’t been laid in forever, looked excited. The pudgier one walked back, letting me in and nodded his head enthusiastically.
    When he pulled up what I wanted on the screen, I saw the man that took her. Dunk was carrying a sleeping Bexley from her room. My time was up and I walked out of the room, the security guards yelling out wanting to see my tits. I didn’t take any notice and ran to the entrance to find my car tires slashed.
    “Where is she?” I screamed into the phone to Zeke. He told me to calm down, saying she probably didn’t want to meet up with me. I laughed at him and told him what I’d discovered. His voice went hard instantly.
    “I’ll be there in five,” he said and hung up on me. I paced the entrance of the hotel and when he pulled up, he stalked up to me. I placed the empty syringe in his hand and he looked puzzled. I told him what I’d found in the security room.
    “You did this,” I growled at him. I told him who was in the video. He didn’t look back as he climbed into his car. I grabbed my bow and arrow from my car and jumped into the car with him. He gave me a puzzled looked and when he called Dunk, I lost it.
    “I’m going to slice and dice you if you’ve hurt her,” I seethed into the phone. His laughter took over and it made me even angrier. Zeke asked him where she was.
    “Where’s who?” he asked, acting dumb.
    “That’s one finger gone!” I yelled into the phone. Zeke’s face grew angrier, but I didn’t care.
    He hung up on Dunk and called someone about tracking Dunk’s phone and I looked over at him in disbelief.
    “You so better not have that shit on my phone,” I told him. A smile started to creep across his face and I knew instantly that he did. I rolled the window down and without a second thought I pegged my phone. No fucker would be tracking me, that was for sure.
    A few hours later, but what felt like days, Zeke’s IT guy called back. We had an address and it didn’t take long for Zeke to find it. When he pulled in, we saw the building was surrounded by men with rifles. I instructed Zeke to park up higher in the parking garage, he did so and turned off the engine. I stepped out and leaned over the dusty and dirty cement pillar to position my bow. The first man went down straight away, the second the same. But the third noticed what was happening by the time the second man had hit the floor and he ran. I followed him, and as he got to the door, I let an arrow fly and he dropped as well, which left the entrance door open.
    When we entered, Dunk was the first person Zeke saw. He didn’t think twice as his fist came down on him, beating him so badly, fist after fist, stopping only when there was no movement. Dunk was someone he once called a brother. Zeke took off to find Bexley and I stood there just looking around. I heard footsteps and when the next person emerged, I held my arrow.
    “Firecracker,” he said and stepped closer to me. I looked at Dunk on

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