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the same result. It seemed as if that man had appeared from nowhere, as if it hadn't a past.

      Hanson and Marvin were in luck. At last the coroner had called them officially and formally to his office. He must have found something related to those blissful vaccines.
      They were not mistaken. He felt restless, nervous, while he was showing them one by one, a collection of photos with scars of vaccines. Knowing him, it should be the prelude to reveal them something important, and although it was proving tedious, they shouldn't allow their curiosity anticipated to the order he had established, so stoically endured his detailed explanations. He showed photos with scars all types of vaccines and their evolution over time. Something that normally would have seemed inconsequential but that took on an unusual interest at that time.
    - As you can see, depending on the vaccine in question , the body's reaction and the resulting scar may look different - he pointed out once displayed all his vast collection of photos -
    - If I interpret it right, does it mean that depend ing on the shape of the scar could be  deduced the type of vaccine? - Marvin asked -
      The coroner nodded uncertainly, finally shaking his head.
    - No, not always, but sometimes. Let's say ... the more recent the vaccine, the more probabilities we have. In scars of vaccines of twenty years ago would have little or no chance of success.
    - In any case there are several scars, many, it is unusual for someone to vaccinate against everything under the sun, right? ... - Intervened Hanson -
    They saw the coroner smile for the first time in a while. Hanson undoubtedly knew how to dig into this guy. He h ad asked the question tha t the coroner was waiting for in order to continue with his further exposure. Because, knowing him, for sure he had mentally written a script that he hoped to develop step by step. He had to show off so they should make room for his role, and with a little skill, they would get better results by sure.
    The coroner cross linked the fingers of his hands and answered to Hanson slowly, as reveling in his words.
    - Indeed, it's the first thing that attracts attention. Secondly, that they are recent.
    - Recent as? ... - Marvin asked this time -
    The coroner hesitated a bit before finding the most appropriate answer.
    - I dare say no more than five years.
    - Including Sheridan's?
    - Yeah indeed, I am referring to all, agent Marvin.
    - And ... tell me ... have you managed to identify any vaccine? .... - Hanson asked -
    The coroner smiled. Hanson had been on target again. Based in his appearance both dared to guess that the answer would be affirmative before he responded.
    - I have to admit that is one of those cases that all coll eagues would love  ... - he rose unhurriedly, with elaborate ritual, watching with satisfaction the interest that was aroused with only seeing agents faces. Then he continued - a real challenge. It has taken my time, yes, but I think it was worth it , gentlemen ...
    He turned off the light, displayed a screen and launched a projector.  It reached the highlight that the three were waiting. He took a light pointer, flipping it several times as a magician pulling a rabbit out of his hat. He presented a slide showing a picture of a mosquito on the screen and its name, Aedes.
    - This is the indirect blame for our troubles and of one of those scars - he said, pointing to the mosquito repeatedly with the pointer -
    Hanson could not restrain his impatience this time.
    - A mosquito? A damn mosquito? ... Are you sure?
    - Absolutely, not the slightest doubt. But it is not any mosquito, this one transmits the dreaded yellow fever, which requires a specific vaccine.
    Both the mosquito in question as yellow fever are endemic in large parts of our planet's tropical. And the vaccine, the most requested one by those traveling to the tropics. Hanson and Marvin not only were

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