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Authors: RJ Scott
in the corner of the sofa and encouraged Sean to lean close to him. He could be what Sean needed tonight. A friend.
    They fell asleep on the sofa, Sean clutching his mobile phone as if he expected it to ring at any moment. When Daniel woke, he checked Sean's mobile and saw it was a little after two in the morning, and Sean was shifting in his arms.
    "I need to go." Sean protested at Daniel's hold and gestured pointedly up at his mobile. "It's two in the morning" He twisted in Daniel's arms, and Daniel released the hold immediately. He wasn't going to force Sean into staying still if he needed to move.
    "I do all my best work at two in the morning," Daniel said softly. "In the dark you can hide anything, scars, grief…" Sean gazed at him with confusion on his face, and then compelled by something he couldn't identify, Daniel moved in for a gentle kiss, touching his tongue to the seam of Sean's lips and pressing them apart. Daniel finally had Sean kissing him again, with the promise of more.
    Daniel was feeling each inch of available skin as they kissed, pulling back and watching Sean's eyes in the dim half light as he continued the touch. He stopped the travel of his fingers and laced them with Sean's, his thumb tracing patterns on the fleshy part of Sean's palm.
    "Are you okay?" His voice was little more than a husky growl, low and insistent. The last thing he wanted was to take advantage if Sean had things on his mind.
    "No talking, just kissing," Sean murmured, leaning into Daniel's gentle touch, the heat between them building and Sean smiling a soft and somewhat shy smile.
    "Kissing is good." Daniel smirked as Sean settled himself into the kiss and winced as he used a single finger to trace Daniel's lips, the shape of his face, his cheekbones. He curved the path across the scarring, and Daniel reached up to cover Sean's hand with his own.
    "Gorgeous," Sean breathed as Daniel tilted his head into the joined touch, pushing against it gently. Very slowly Daniel slid his hands into the soft silk of Sean's blond hair and encouraged him closer to lay a path of kisses from chin to his cheekbone, then to his lips, applying very little pressure, the slightest breath of a kiss. When he pulled back, Sean chased for the kiss.
    Daniel shook his head, moving to start a new kiss, a soft slide of tongue on Sean's lips, asking permission to explore inside and taste the other man. Holding Sean's face in both hands, he tilted his head and extended the kiss as Sean sparked to life and started to move against him, a squirm of need, an insistent tug on Daniel's shirt. They broke apart only to pull shirts aside, hands touching and exploring as the kisses became more. Daniel wanted to learn every inch of Sean. There was something about him, some pull, some need that only Sean could satisfy.
    It wasn't about looking for completion at this stage. It was about learning and nothing more, the attraction and pull so quick that it almost seemed unreal. Daniel wasn't sure if it was being on the new medication or if it was just Sean, but for the first time in a long time, he was hard and needy. Kissing Sean felt free, like it was the first real choice he'd made for himself since the bomb. He was content to kiss, his hands anchoring at the base of Sean's spine, his fingers slipping beneath the waistband of his faded worn jeans and resting without moving.
    Daniel spread his legs and tilted his hips, pulling and shifting Sean so he leaned against him. Sean whimpered as he was forced to inch that little bit farther forward. It was just enough friction to push them to the edge, but not enough to take them over. It was exquisite, perfect, that single moment that Daniel wanted to last forever.
    The kisses turned from insistent and needy to searching and careful. Sean had slid forward and rested comfortably in Daniel's hold, moving his head to nuzzle warm lips at Daniel's neck. It felt so right, feeling the flutter of Sean's pulse against the tips of searching

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