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Authors: Maryse Dawson
eyes and found herself immediately calmed. He was right. Why should she worry? She stood on tiptoe and kissed his firm lips.
    "You're right. I should remain calm."
    She quickly went to pull away when she realised what she'd done, but Stephen kept a firm grip on her shoulders. She stared up at him, slightly shocked at her own forwardness.
    Kissing him had seemed so natural.
    He wrapped his powerful arms around her and claimed her lips for his own. Her soft mouth yielded to his, surrendering totally to her inner yearnings. She might suddenly find herself in her own time again, but, for now, she was going to enjoy what was on offer and not dwell too deeply on the consequences. The fact was simple: she wanted him.
    Their liaison was suddenly interrupted by the sound of a horn in the distance. They reluctantly pulled away from each other.
    "Come," said Stephen. "The king hath arrived. We shall meet him at the main gate." His hand seized hers and they made their way down to greet the king.

Chapter Five
    King Edward was a very tall man, and Jenny almost got a crick in her neck when she was introduced to him.
    She curtseyed just as Stephen had shown her, and it seemed to impress him. His eyes crinkled at the corners, and a deep smile lit up his face. "Good morrow, milady. To whom do I hath the honour?"
    "Jenny, Sire. Jenny Peverel."
    The king's brow furrowed. "Peverel? Thou art related to Hugh?"
    "Yes, he's my cousin, once removed." She tried to remain calm under his scrutiny and did her best not to fidget. What if he found out she was lying? Would he chop off her head? Put her on the rack? She held her breath and waited.
    The king stared at her intently for what seemed like minutes but in all probability was only seconds. Finally, he nodded, seeming satisfied. "I hath no recollection of Hugh mentioning his cousins, but then he talks little. On his return, I shall reprimand him for keeping such a beautiful creature away from my court."
    Jenny blushed with embarrassment at the compliment and then horror as she envisaged what reprimand might be dished out to poor, innocent Hugh on his return from the Crusades.
    Suddenly, there was a commotion behind the king. They all turned their attention to a dark-haired woman pushing her way to the front. She reached the king and placed a small hand on his sleeve. "Sire, must we wait all day to gain entrance? I am fairly worn out and fit to fall down!" Her lower lip pouted and she batted her lashes at him. Her eyes flicked to Jenny and a look of surprise crossed her face, before being replaced by the pout once more, when she noticed Stephen.
    "Sir Stephen. Art thou not pleased to see me?" The woman wet her lips with her tongue slowly.
    Jenny's eyes hardened. She'd seen her type before: hated all women, loved all men. Well, she'd better not love her man! Jenny stopped her thoughts abruptly. Her man? Was that how she thought of Stephen now?
    Stephen bowed politely. "Marguerite Lebreton, I bid thee welcome." She offered him her hand and he kissed it. Before he could move away, she laced her arm through his.
    "'Tis a fine castle. I shall be verily happy here."
    Jenny noticed a look of irritation cross Stephen's face, but he quickly hid it.
    "Marguerite, allow me to introduce Jenny Peverel, cousin of Hugh."
    Marguerite turned to Jenny, pretending she'd only just noticed her, and fixed her with a hard stare before offering a small curtsey. She said nothing. She didn't need to. Her eyes said it all.
    "Bitch!" thought Jenny. She curtseyed back stiffly, her eyes narrowing angrily at the other woman's attitude. She suddenly noticed Stephen staring back at her, a look of warning on his face that she'd best behave. She bristled with anger but quickly masked her expression. She'd already learned that 'look' of his meant pain to her backside.
    Stephen showed them into the main hall, where servants quickly arrived, hurrying to and fro whilst they assisted the guests with their cloaks and

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