The Snow Killer

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Book: The Snow Killer by Melissa Holden Read Free Book Online
Authors: Melissa Holden
Chapter One:
    "No, sweetheart, my, err, boyfriend will be here soon. Keep the drink, and leave me alone, will you? ". The blonde swiveled around on the bar stool, and giggled with her friend. Pissed, Danny walked out of the bar, zipped up his hoodie, and turned the corner.  Stupid cow, who does she think she is? I'm a great guy. I don't need her. I could get any bitch I wanted. She's not even that nice looking, I prefer brunettes anyway. Fucking bitch. Stuck up: that's what she is... He could feel the anger consuming his body. It started, as always, in his eyes: they blurred with rage, and the world became an abstract painting through a pane of wet glass. His head started to burn beneath the skin, and his breath was the cloud of smoke escaped from an overheated microwave meal for one. He shoved his icicles into his pockets, crossed the road, and hid under the bus shelter.  I'm fine. I'm fine. I'm fine.  The blood in his veins raced around his body. Pump. Pump. Pump.  Just breathe. For fuck sake, I'm fine.   Rush. Rush. Rush.
    "Do you have a light, babe?" A platinum and orange mess in a leopard print coat smiled at him, a cigarette hanging from the left side of her mouth. He handed her a lighter, and returned to the pocket. She curved her hand around the end of the cigarette, and lit the nicotine-filled stick. She went to hand the lighter back, but
    "I've quit. Effective immediately." He studied his shoelaces, black, shiny things, ragged at the ends from never being off the ground.
Pump. Rush. Pump. Rush. Pump. Rush.  
    "Each to their own." She smiled, and shifted slightly, as to face him more. "You know, you’re not that bad to look at. For a kid, like." Gratitude escaped from his lips.  Fuck, what do I care; she's just some old bird anyway. Who gives a fuck what she thinks?  
    "Listen, kid, I'm feeling good today. What do say to a drink over the road?" 
    "No, thanks, lady. I just left there. It's shit."
    "Yeah, but at least it's warm" She smiled at him again, and then held out her hand. "Diane Warner."
    "Danny Fores." 
    "Well, alright then Danny-boy, let's go get smashed, eh?" She laughed, took his arm, and dragged him across the road.  She's friendly at least. I'll give her that. Bit common though... As they entered the pub, Danny noticed the blonde was still perched prettily on her stool. He excused himself, and approached her. Rush. Rush. Rush.   Keep it cool, no need to freak out.
    "Oh, it's you again. My boyfriend-"
    "No, he isn't -I don't care. I just wanted to say, you should really watch how you treat people. That and you’re not even that fit."
    "How dare you!" She slapped Danny across the face, and stormed off.
Pump. Rush. Pump. Rush. Pump. Rush.  Diane came running over, and shook him by the shoulders. 
    "What happened?" Pump. Pump. Pump.  
    "Nothing, it's fine. Let's just get a drink." He pulled out his wallet, ordered two tequilas and a beer, and a gin and tonic for Diane. He carried the drinks over to the table she had picked.  Great:  a corner table. Now I'm alone with the old cow. But, she didn't freak out and leave...  "There you go, Diane. Enough ice for you?"  Hopefully it'll help her cool off of me a little.
    "Yeah, it's fine, sweetheart. Now come cozy up down here next to me." Diane patted the space next to her with her left hand, and picked up the drink with her right. 
Or not...  
    "I'm fine over here." As he spoke, he pulled out the wooden chair, placed his drink on the table, and sat down.  She's not that bad looking from this angle... 
    "So, kiddo, who was the broad?" Pump. Pump. Pump.  
    "No one. Just some bitch I met earlier." Rush. Rush. Rush.  
    "Ah, I get it. She rejected-"
    "She didn't reject me!" Danny slammed his palm down onto the beer-covered table between them.  Pump. Rush. Pump. Rush. Pump. Rush.  
    "Hey - don't lose it with me, or I'll lose it with you, got it sweetheart?" Diane became cold and stern. Like his mother.  Pump. Pump. Pump.

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