A Holiday Donut Steal: A Special Christmas Donut Mystery Short Story (The Donut Mysteries)

Free A Holiday Donut Steal: A Special Christmas Donut Mystery Short Story (The Donut Mysteries) by Jessica Beck

Book: A Holiday Donut Steal: A Special Christmas Donut Mystery Short Story (The Donut Mysteries) by Jessica Beck Read Free Book Online
Authors: Jessica Beck
    Donut Steal
    It was supposed to be a simple Christmas party, but it nearly ruined the holiday season for my family until a last minute reprieve ended up saving the day.
    “Suzanne, we need more treats.  Your decorated glazed donuts are a real hit!” Emma Blake said as she came back into the kitchen located in the basement of our town library. It was four days before Christmas, and it seemed as though the entire town of April Springs was in the holiday spirit.  The meeting area was usually reserved for visiting authors, booksignings, storytimes, and other related literary events, but the Daughters of April Springs had rented the hall out for their annual party, and they’d chosen the treats from Donut Hearts for their refreshments.  After much consideration, I’d decided to serve brightly decorated green iced donuts, with white and gold tinsel piped on top of each of them to make them feel even more festive.  They looked quite nice, if I said so myself.  By the way, my name is Suzanne Hart, and I run the only donut shop in town, along with my assistant, Emma, who was currently acting as our server for the festivities.  To my surprise and the ladies’ delight, she had even agreed to wear an elf’s costume for the event, complete with a green frock, red tights, and a bright red hat with a bell on the tip of it.  Emma looked adorable, but then again, she looked good in just about everything she wore.  I’d declined to join her in her attire, no matter how much she, my husband, Jake, and my best friend, Grace, had begged me to.  Instead of wearing the outfit that matched Emma’s, I’d agreed to don the hat, and only the hat. 
    I looked at our remaining stock of treats, and found that we were now completely out of the green donuts I’d brought.  On the spur of the moment, upon leaving Donut Hearts I’d grabbed an extra half a dozen red ones filled with custard just in case, never dreaming that we’d need them.  I hadn’t sold them at the shop that day because I’d overdone it on the red food coloring, and I knew that whoever touched one would have red fingers for the rest of the day.  “Give me a second,” I said as I piped them with confectionery garlands, too.  “Here you go.  Tell everybody that after this, we’re officially out of goodies.” 
    “That’s okay.  There are only four people left, but none of them are in a hurry to go home!”
    “I’m willing to wager that they won’t hang around long after the food is gone,” I said with a grin as I plated the donuts on one of the platters, placing them on the fancy napkins the ladies had provided.
    “There’s one more thing,” Emma said ominously, looking down at her feet as she spoke.
    “What is it?  What’s wrong?”
    “They want the chef to come in and take a bow,” she said.  “I told them you wouldn’t be interested, but they keep insisting.  If you don’t come out, I’m afraid we’re going to have a riot on our hands.”
    I decided that I might as well do it.  After all, our evening was nearly over.
    Or so I thought.
    “Fine.  I’ll be glad to make a quick appearance.”
    “Seriously?  That’s great.  I brought your outfit with me, just in case,” Emma said excitedly.
    I shook my head.  “You didn’t need to.  I said that I’d go out and say hello, not that I’d dress up any more than I already am.”
    “Suzanne, they’ll all be really disappointed if you don’t,” she said.
    “Then they’ll just have to find a way to live with it,” I said.  “Lead the way.”
    I grabbed the tray and walked into the meeting room to be greeted by the applause of the last four women left.  To my surprise, one of them was my mother, and she smiled brightly at me as I made my appearance.  Momma and I had our issues at times, but in the end, we were as close as a mother and daughter could be.
    “Thank you all,” I said as I waved to the women in the room.  “I’m afraid that you’ve gone

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