Dark Light of Mine

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Authors: John Corwin
Tags: Romance, Fantasy, Paranormal
your own father to protect this filth?"
    "Think sense, child," Leia said.  "Haven't we taught you better?"  She wiped a tear away, her face shifting from anger to grief-stricken.  "He's spawn!  Where did we go wrong in explaining what they are?"
    "It's not a trick," Elyssa said, shaking her head.  "It's not!"
    Her mom's face softened as she looked at her.  "Sweetheart, that's what they do.  That's how they infiltrate your very soul and steal it from you."
    Elyssa shook her head as tears dripped from her cheeks.  "No, Mom.  I know him.  I love him."
    My heart ached so much for her right then I couldn't stand it.  But I didn't know what to do.  I loved her and this situation was tearing her apart.  What if my dad had told me the same thing about dhampyrs?  What if he'd hated Elyssa?  The thought sent a shard of ice stabbing into my chest.
    "Please, stop," I said, standing in front of Elyssa.  I turned to face her.  "You were right.  This was a horrible idea."  The backs of my eyes felt as though they were floating in hot salty pools, but I didn't dare cry in front of these people.  "I can't get through to them," I said in a low voice as I shook my head sadly.  "I love you and can't stand seeing you so conflicted."
    She pressed her hands to my cheeks, sniffing through her tear-reddened nose.  "I told you, Justin.  I tried to make you see.  They thought I'd ended it.  Now that they know I didn't, I'm afraid for us.  For our future."
    I gripped her hand tight.  "We'll make it work.  You're my Buttercup and I'm your Westley.  I'll become the Dread Pirate Roberts if that's what it takes to win them over."
    She smiled through the tears and kissed me.  Her mother hissed in displeasure.  Strong hands gripped my shirt and slung me away.  I hit the ground hard and rolled in the grass before coming to a rest next to a fence.  It seemed oddly reminiscent of the time Elyssa had tossed me across a gravel parking lot when she'd figured out what I was.
    I rose unsteadily and held up my hands in surrender in the harsh glare of her father.  "I'm leaving.  Thanks ever so much for the grand hospitality."
    Elyssa looked at me, tears sparkling from the violet light in her eyes.  "I love you."
    "I love you," I said, and then turned and walked back down the long asphalt drive, my hands trembling with anger, my heart thudding in agony.  I wanted to punch her father in the face.  "Well, that could have gone so much better," I grumbled as I reached the perimeter fence and climbed over it.  My legs faltered with fatigue and hunger.  I had to feed.  Now.
    A presence closed in on me.  I turned, praying to god I wasn't about to have to fight my way free.  Thomas would make mincemeat out of me.  Instead, Ryland appeared, a smirk on his face.
    "The demon boy who could love," he said in a mocking voice.
    "I'd toss you a Milk-Bone but I'm all out," I said, turning away from him.
    He blurred in front of me, his face so close I could smell the coffee on his breath.  "Funny thing is I know you're telling the truth."
    I threw my hands in the air.  "Great.  The wolf-man believes me.  All my problems are solved."
    "It took me a long while to gain the trust of Thomas Borathen.  Believe you me, it was not a fun process."
    "Does he hate lycans too?"
    "Nah, I wouldn't say he hates so much as he doesn't trust anyone until they've proven themselves."  He shrugged and the corner of his mouth lifted in a half-smile.  "Except for spawn.  He definitely hates your kind."
    "What happened?  Obviously one of my dear relatives did something horrible to him."
    "I only heard rumors about what really happened.  About Thunder Rock. "
    "Thunder Rock?  That sounds like the name of a really bad boy band.  Did a group of teenage demon spawn make his ears bleed with love ballads?"
    He chuckled.  "Nah, Thunder Rock is a place.  Unfortunately, there ain't anyone who will talk about it."
    "Why?  Because Thomas Borathen would beat the

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