Free Deception by Lillian Duncan

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Authors: Lillian Duncan
Tags: Christian fiction
    The knife missed all of Anna’s vital organs and the surgeon expected a full recovery.
    As Patti rocked Sabrina and hummed softly in her ear, Marcus and Carter sat in a corner of the room whispering.
    Sabrina clung to Patti, her eyes haunted. ”I want Mommy.” She whispered once before the events of the day overtook her. She relaxed against Patti’s body in an exhausted sleep.
    Patti lay Sabrina on a small couch before she went over to the men. “What’s happening?”
    “That’s what we’re discussing. We’re going to put a guard with Anna, and we’re going to place you and Sabrina in a safe house.” Marcus told her.
    “A safe house?”
    “It’s a place—“
    “I know what it is. I watch TV.”
    “Jamie worked hard to keep her private life and her work life totally separate from each other. But it seems her two worlds have collided in a big way.” His eyes met Patti’s. “She understood it wouldn’t be safe for others so she made the decision to stay away from friends and...and family.”
    The meaning of those words sank in.
    Patti wiped away the tears. Her next words were barely audible. “Is that why she stayed away from me?”
    Marcus nodded slowly. “She couldn’t bear to part with Sabrina, but knew it was safer if she stayed away from you for the time being. Her plan was to finish her current project and then leave the job permanently.”
    “Was her plan?” Patti asked.
    “I’m sure it still is her plan. I didn’t mean...” Marcus wouldn’t meet Patti’s gaze. His voice became all business. “Anyway, we need to make plans for the three of you.”
    No one spoke.
    Patti broke the silence. “I want to know what’s going on. What was she doing that so important?”
    Marcus didn’t answer.
    Patti’s heart was breaking but she forced herself to say the words. She matched stares with Marcus. “You think she’s dead, don’t you?”
    Marcus looked up at the ceiling. Long moments passed before he turned back to Patti. “I’m not going to lie to you. It’s a possibility, but at this point it’s hard to say. I haven’t given up hope and neither should you.”
    Carter laid a hand on her back, and his touch calmed her.
    “If she worked so hard at keeping her identity secret, why is she using her own name this time?” Carter asked.
    “That’s a good question,” Patti looked back at Marcus. “And if she was so worried about me, why wasn’t she as worried about Sabrina?”
    “She was, but Sabrina was her daughter. She couldn’t abandon her. We took every precaution we could to keep Sabrina and Anna safe. The house has an elaborate security system. She lived in a gated community. Her work was…was in another state. When she traveled, she traveled under other names and always took several flights using different names, before getting to her final destination.”
    “But it wasn’t enough to keep her safe.”
    “No, it wasn’t.”
    “You didn’t answer the other part of the question.” Carter pointed out. “Why was she working under her own name this time?”
    Marcus looked at Carter, then at Patti. “I can’t give you the details, but Jamie knew the man socially before he came under investigation so he already knew her real name. She happened to run into him, and she overheard something which made her suspicious.”
    “What’s the story on him?” Carter asked.
    “I didn’t want Jamie to get involved with him again,” Marcus murmured more to himself than to Carter and Patti. “I had a bad feeling. I told her to go home and forget about him, but she refused to listen to me.” He focused back on Patti. “Don’t get me wrong. I’m not making excuses. I take full responsibility for…for the investigation.”
    Her sister—an FBI informant—living a double life. The thought boggled her mind.
    Carter interrupted her thoughts. “Marcus, you didn’t answer my question. Who’s this man, and why are you investigating him?”
    “Can’t tell you.”

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