Sea Glass Cottage

Free Sea Glass Cottage by Vickie McKeehan

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Authors: Vickie McKeehan
their generosity of spirit, the women brought a measure of meddling. Cooper knew with each question the guild meant well. He wasn’t convinced all newcomers were treated with the same dose of kindness. Of course, Cooper had an advantage. Most of the women had known him as a kid, known his father and mother. Such was the laidback pace and atmosphere in a small town.
    Cooper looked out the plate glass window onto Main and beyond to his sister’s Flower Shop. He caught sight of Bree Dennison as she strolled out with a big smile on her face holding a varied bouquet of flower samples in her fist. Somehow, he knew the redhead had already segued from waitress to business owner. A good sign, he thought now as he studied the comings and goings on the street as people began to mull around.
    This early on a Saturday morning Bree was surprised to catch sight of Cooper already inside his shop. She waved in greeting and dashed along the sidewalk to where she’d parked her car.
    With a packed house at Promise Cove, Bree anticipated a busy but fruitful weekend. Eager and willing to put in the hours to make sure Tours by Bree succeeded year-round, she had to hustle to make her nine o’clock excursion out to Treasure Island—a trip that had her taking two nerdy geology students from San Francisco State across the water to the little patch of local island so they could take soil samples. 
    It had felt so good to give up her job at McCready’s. She’d forever be grateful for Flynn giving her a job, but after two years of slinging drinks, she needed to move on, to start the next chapter in her life.
    Her upcoming wedding to Troy had kept her hopping. There was a part of her that just wanted to run off and elope, to forego the more formal ceremony for a simple stand-up routine in front of a justice of the peace. But that urge didn’t last for long. Bree wanted the whole romantic package, the long white gown, the candlelight, the fuss, the ceremonial rite itself and the pomp that went with all the circumstance. She’d even figured out how to cut corners on some of the expense. Her friends were pitching in where they could by offering to help make place cards and other incidentals. She’d opted for getting Emma Colter to make her dress. There were still a dozen things on her to-do list and so far Troy had been a good sport about her obsession with each one.
    By the time she reached the old Victorian that doubled as the town’s only B&B, she rumbled down the long driveway going over the plan she’d formulated.
    She hoped Nick and Jordan would go for it because it would keep her from having to go on the hook for an added expense of signing a lease in town. Getting married, planning a wedding, and redoing the house, meant she and Troy were on a tight budget. They’d actually sat down and mapped out logistics for their future together—down to the penny.
    During the summer they’d put in the sweat equity on the little bungalow on Athena Circle that needed so much work. In between the jobs that paid the bills they installed cabinets, changed out hardwood flooring, replaced tile, and plumbing fixtures. Bree hoped the work would be done by the second Saturday in November. Their wedding day was fast approaching and they were feeling the pressure. Running out of time wasn’t an option. If they somehow missed the deadline, they could always bunk at the house she shared with Zach—the house their father had left them—not exactly ideal conditions for newlyweds but still doable.
    Scanning the sprawling grounds of Promise Cove, she spotted Nick and Jordan in the back playing with their kids, five-year-old, Hutton and two-year-old, Scott. The two were busy kicking a ball around the yard and chasing after it.
    Gathering up her satchel from the front seat Bree headed around the side of the house to the back.
    Nick and Jordan Harris were pretty much like most busy couples with children. They worked hard during the week—Nick at the bank, Jordan

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