It Could Happen Again (Zulu Spectre)

Free It Could Happen Again (Zulu Spectre) by Aliyah Burke

Book: It Could Happen Again (Zulu Spectre) by Aliyah Burke Read Free Book Online
Authors: Aliyah Burke
neck. It’s official; this week sucks.
    Vic walked up beside her and leaned against the row of metal lockers, arms and ankles crossed. “You all right, little darlin’?”
    “You know there are times your Texas comes out, right?”
    He flashed a grin. “Only if you’re really special do you get to experience it.” He wriggled his eyebrows. “How much do you want to experience?”
    “Not that much.”
    “Well, I got a smile, so I’ll take it. Come on, I’m buying.”
    She followed him out of the station, waving at a few others as they went. He walked beside her but didn’t touch her. Ever the gentleman, he held the door for her of his SUV.
    “You have manners, Vic. Why are you single?”
    He laughed as he pulled his door shut behind him. “Not going to ask me where my woman is?”
    “I am asking why you’re single.”
    He grunted and started the engine. She watched him as he got them moving up the street. Music played around them, and she tried to relax. It wasn’t easy. All she seemed to do with free time was think about the confrontation she’d had with Dale.
    “Who’s Dale?”
    Crap, I said his name out loud. “Remember the one I told you about that was basically the catalyst which sent me on the path out here?”
    “That’s him.”
    “So what’s got him back in your thoughts?”
    “He’s my neighbor.”
    “Are you shittin’ me?”
    “I wish. Right across the hall.”
    He whistled low. “Damn.”
    “You have no idea.” She rubbed her temples. “Just not one at all.”
    “So you’re fucking him.” Vic’s words were matter-of-fact. She turned her head and stared at him. “Don’t give me that look, Allie. We both know I’m right. It will save much time and trouble if you just don’t lie to me about this. Then, we can figure out what to do and how to get you happy again.” He smirked. “Although, I’m guessing the sex was awesome since you’ve been grinning for a while now, right up until the start of this week.”
    “Mine’s fine, thank you very much. Now, talk to me. Think of me as your girlfriend and, how you say, dish the deets.”
    She laughed. “You’re some kind of a fool.”
    “And you’re stalling. So, what gives?” He waited at a red light and put his blue eyes on her.
    If she were to say she had one friend any more it was Vic. He was her partner in the ambulance and the one she hung out with if she did that. She’d kept to herself when she’d gotten out here ten years ago. She didn’t have girlfriends, not wanting to be around any of their boyfriends. Vic never brought her around whomever he was dating so that wasn’t an issue. Boy or girl, she hadn’t a clue which side he swung with and didn’t care. When they hung out, it was the two of them.
    She filled him in on how things had gone down between her and Dale then leaned back in the seat and waited while he thought.
    Vic pulled them into the parking lot of an Outback Steakhouse. “Come on,” he said.
    “I’m not hungry.”
    “I am. Let’s go.”
    Dutifully, she followed him to the door, smiling at the greeter who welcomed them. They got a booth in the back. Once their drink order had been placed, Vic removed his hat and placed it beside him on the seat.
    “Do you love him?”
    “What?” She was shocked by his question. “Nothing about going to kick his ass or anything like that?”
    “Answer me.”
    “I don’t know, Vic. Honestly. I have feelings for him. I believe I loved him before, but now—”
    “You need to let that go.”
    She kept her comment contained as their drinks were delivered. “Excuse me?” she asked when they were again alone. “I need to let it go?”
    “Yes. That was ten years ago. It was horrible and wrong of him to not trust you. But, what about your family? They committed something even more egregious than he did. They’re your flesh and blood. He reacted foolishly but it’s obvious he wants to try again.”
    “It’s not that easy,

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