The Zombie Chronicles - Book 6 - Revelation (Apocalypse Infection Unleashed Series)

Free The Zombie Chronicles - Book 6 - Revelation (Apocalypse Infection Unleashed Series) by Chrissy Peebles

Book: The Zombie Chronicles - Book 6 - Revelation (Apocalypse Infection Unleashed Series) by Chrissy Peebles Read Free Book Online
Authors: Chrissy Peebles
Tags: nonfiction
“Have the scientists figured out why they won’t cross?” I asked. “What element from the explosion is causing this?”
    “ They aren’t sure yet,” Steven said, “but be warned. It’s not foolproof. Some still get through. I let my guard down once and almost got half my face bitten off.”
    “ Well, it’s incredible anyway,” Claire said.
    I climbed back into the Land Rover and held my breath, then let it out slowly as I glanced at Claire. “You ready?”
    She nodded.
    I gripped her hand. “We can do this.”
    One of the men looked at Claire and me. “Each of you take one of my semiautomatics and some extra magazines. You’re gonna need ‘em.”
    I nodded. “Thanks.”
    “ Can your girlfriend shoot?” he asked.
    “ First, I’m not his girlfriend,” Claire said. “I’m seeing his brother, not him. Second, I can shoot…and I can speak for myself, thank you.”
    “ Sorry. My mistake.”
    “ Nick and Lucas taught me how to use a whole arsenal of weapons, particularly a semiautomatic owned by one of your scientists.”
    “ You remember what they taught you?” the man asked.
    “ It’s like riding a bicycle,” she said confidently, loading the weapon like a pro. “Now, let’s go have ourselves a little barbecue, boys,” she said.

Chapter 10
    The truck took off with a jerk as we put our plan in motion. We started shooting from all different directions, until the truck stopped in the middle of the front yard. Steven and his buddy climbed out and split up, each one taking a different direction. I covered Steven and shot anything that got remotely close to him.
    Steven aimed and fired, swishing his weapon side to side, letting out an impressive blast of flames. The fiery stream decimated anything and everything in its path in a fifty-foot radius around him. Zombies moaned as their decaying flesh crisped up like bacon.
    A naked, slimy monster lurched toward Steven from behind, but I let out a shot and hit it straight in the back of the head, sending it crashing to the ground just inches from him.
    “ Great shot!” one of the guys yelled.
    A hellish chorus of moans, grunts, sizzles, and gunshots echoed in the air. Rachel’s semiautomatic rifle was eardrum-poppingly loud as she shot it next to me. Claire was absolutely focused on defeating the enemy, letting out shot after shot and keeping the undead at bay.
    In the armored car, Bart careened down the driveway, easily running over anything in his path. He pulled up to the door and honked, hoping to lure the survivors out of their hiding place. When they just looked at him dumbly and stumbled around in the living room, we realized they were zombies; the house had been breached.
    A shiver shot down my spine. Why can’t anything go according to plan? “Zombies broke in!” I warned my comrades.
    “ I’m going in,” Rachel said, reloading her gun. “We’ll just kill ‘em all.”
    I was sure we could take them all on with our weapons, so I wasn’t worried about that. I was far more worried about the herd breaking through the fire as it died down. When Steven moved to join Rachel, I grabbed his arm. “We need the flamethrowers to stay out here and keep the zombies down.”
    “ But what about Rachel?” he said.
    Just over his left shoulder, I shot at a fiery zombie who was getting too close for comfort. The walking blaze collapsed, and I looked back at Steve. “Listen, I’ve got her back. The two other guys can cover you two.”
    He nodded. “I trust you, Dean. Just keep her safe!” Sucking in a deep breath, he gripped the flamethrower tightly, then went back to his position.
    We all pointed our guns as Rachel slowly opened the door. Loud shrieks pierced the air, and zombies immediately lurched for us. Rachel let out an exploding round of bullets.
    A zombie with wrinkled black skin and a missing jaw came at me from the left. I stepped a foot back and fired. The semiautomatic vibrated in my hands as the deep, reverberating sounds

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