Lover Bear (Paranormal Werebear Erotic Romance)

Free Lover Bear (Paranormal Werebear Erotic Romance) by Jessica Swallow

Book: Lover Bear (Paranormal Werebear Erotic Romance) by Jessica Swallow Read Free Book Online
Authors: Jessica Swallow
I missed the feeling of flying. Running had always been my drug and I excelled at it. In high school, I had been a track star and I earned myself a nice hefty scholarship to my first choice college. But here I was, two years out of college and I couldn’t even remember the last time I had gone on a run. My high stress job and the lack of a team to run with, made me lose my desire to go on early morning sprints. But the itch started again and was growing more intense. I needed a release and running was the only way I knew. So, on a cool Saturday morning, I sat down at my computer and signed up for a marathon.  I then laced up my bright new neon running shoes and went out to explore the running trails near my house.
    Luckily, I lived right by a state park and there were plenty of trails to explore. I whipped my long blonde hair up into a ponytail as I approached the entrance to the park. I felt the familiar surge of excitement and adrenaline as I stretched out. Soon I would be weightless as my feet flew through the air and pounded down quickly onto the packed dirt trail. I would feel the wind on my face and the strength of my muscles. I started to run and it felt glorious, but also strangely difficult.
    I knew that it would be hard to get back into the habit after so long, but I wasn’t prepared for my body’s lack of conditioning. Still, I pushed myself to run faster as I wound down the deserted trail and marveled in the beauty of nature. After about forty minutes, my body was starting to fatigue. I decided to stop and drink some water before continuing, so I sat down on a fallen tree trunk by the side of the trail. A cool breeze hit my face and I gulped down my water.
    Just as I was about to get up, I heard footsteps pounding down the trail towards me. I turned and saw a man running so fast that he was almost a blur, with a strength and agility I couldn’t even imagine possessing. As he approached me, he slowed down and then stopped. I noticed his bulging muscles glistening with sweat and his bright eyes that seemed to encompass too many different colors to be real. The attractive stranger flashed me a smile.
    “You going for a run on these trails?” he asked me. I nodded.
    “Yeah, I’m starting my training for a marathon. I used to run all the time but I’m out of practice.” The man plopped down on the trunk next to me.
    “You know, I could use a running partner. Not many people come running on these trails and it would be great to have a friend for company and motivation.” I felt a flutter in my stomach at his words. A running partner was exactly what I needed and it would give me a chance to get closer to this incredibly attractive man. It had been a while since I broke up with my last boyfriend and I hadn’t been on a date since then.
    “I would love that,” I replied.
    “Great!” he said with enthusiasm and a smile that spread all the way to his eyes. “See you at the entrance tomorrow at 8:00?” I nodded and he ran off again, seemingly not at all winded. I finished my run and went home to shower and revel in my excitement. I had forgotten the feeling of butterflies in my stomach when a cute boy smiled at me, and this man was the sexiest man I had ever met. I knew that being running partners wasn’t exactly the same thing as going on a date, but it was still a great way to get to know him.
    The next morning, I woke up early and put on my cutest running outfit. It wasn’t much, but the flattering fit and bright colors did make me feel more confident. I drove out to the park and walked to the entrance to the trails right at 8:00. The attractive stranger was already there waiting for me.
    “Good morning!” he called out as I jogged over. “You look nice. It’s a shame we are about to get all gross and sweaty. By the way, my name is Mark.” I smiled and shook his hand.
    “I’m Carrie. Nice to meet you.” We continued to chat while we stretched out and then we were off, running down the trails

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