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Authors: Lauren Maya; Dane Banks
Such a beautiful, delicate little pussy. Do you know what we’ll see, what we’ll imagine when we look at you? We’ll be imagining how you taste. How good it will feel when we’re pushing our dicks into that tight little passage.”
    She swayed and he caught her arm to steady her.
    “Your modesty is endearing, but there’s no place for it here. I think Xander had every intention of taking things slow, but the reality is he wants you. We want you. Xander isn’t a patient man. He’s not going to be satisfied until he’s taken you and made you his.”
    “I’m sorry,” she said huskily. “I’m not being the obedient mistress I promised to be.”
    He frowned and moved his hand from her quivering flesh. “Is that what you see yourself as? His mistress?”
    Her lips turned down. “I’m not being derogatory or argumentative. I honestly don’t know what I am. No one has told me. I don’t know my place or who I am. It’s…unsettling.”
    He tucked a finger under her chin and prodded upward until she was forced to meet his gaze. “Your place is here with him. With us. What you are is cherished.”

Chapter 8
    Xander was seated at the table with Garon and Nico awaiting Sebastien and Talia. He checked his watch and frowned. They should already be down.
    He glanced up to see Garon and Nico also casting glances toward the doorway from time to time.
    And then Sebastien appeared, Talia’s hand curled tightly into his. She looked nervous and uncertain, but there was also a subtle difference in her demeanor this morning.
    Either she’d calmed some of her fears with a good night’s sleep or Sebastien had taken the matter in hand.
    Garon hadn’t wanted Sebastien to go after Talia so soon after her arrival. He’d reminded Xander that Sebastien was a hard-ass and a rebel at heart and that he tended to do things his way. But Xander knew two things. One, Sebastien was unwaveringly loyal to Xander and two, behind Sebastien’s hard exterior was a man who adored women and would fiercely protect them against all harm.
    Talia had already made conquests of Garon and Nico. Sending one of them served no purpose. He needed Sebastien to decidewhat Talia would mean to him, and from the looks of it, Sebastien had already decided.
    Xander’s gaze raked up and down her body, appreciative of such natural beauty. Perfection. Garon and Nico stared as well, their eyes gleaming.
    She was…stunning. Soft in all the right places. Perfect breasts, high and firm. Nipples that were just the right size. Her hips were rounded and he’d already gotten a prime view, and feel, of her luscious ass.
    Her hair hung to her waist in soft waves. Already he imagined it falling down around them both as she sat astride him, taking him into her body. Or spread out on the bed as he thrust into her from above.
    He rose and extended his hand. “Good morning, Talia. You look beautiful.”
    The blush rose quickly, suffusing her cheeks with color. But she didn’t hesitate. She offered Sebastien a smile and then slipped her hand from his to walk to Xander and take his.
    He sat her beside him, ensuring there was a cushion on the chair so the wood wouldn’t be cold on her bare skin. Unable to resist, he lifted her hand and kissed her knuckles, holding her hand to his mouth for several long seconds.
    “I trust you slept well?”
    She nodded. “I did. I was very tired. Thank you for allowing me to sleep in this morning.”
    “I think we’ve already covered the fact that I won’t expect you to rise early. Until you are summoned, the mornings are yours to do as you will. If you choose to sleep, that is your choice.”
    He dished food onto her plate and he noticed that she waited, hands in her lap. He smiled and reached over to touch her cheek.
    “This morning you’ll feed yourself. You were very tired last night, which is why Garon chose to pamper you a bit. At timeswe’ll want to indulge in our whims and feed you by hand. Today you are free to eat by

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