Jordan, Olivia - Taletha's Salsa Sweethearts [Studio Seductions 1] (Siren Publishing Ménage Everlasting)

Free Jordan, Olivia - Taletha's Salsa Sweethearts [Studio Seductions 1] (Siren Publishing Ménage Everlasting) by Olivia Jordan

Book: Jordan, Olivia - Taletha's Salsa Sweethearts [Studio Seductions 1] (Siren Publishing Ménage Everlasting) by Olivia Jordan Read Free Book Online
Authors: Olivia Jordan
to her breasts, toying with both of her nipples, which had softened when she’d switched from cold water to hot. But after a few pinches, they were stiff again, soaking in as much touch as they could.
    Taletha increased the frequency of her strokes until she was on the verge of orgasm. Just before she came, she pulled her hand away, not wanting to give herself complete satisfaction just yet. Once her body pulled away from the edge, she eased her two fingers up inside her cunt, reaching for her G-spot, swollen and ready for touch. The first stroke sent shivers running up and down her spine. Her cunt muscles drew tighter around her fingers, glad to be filled. She began to massage it as slowly as she had with her clit, and then took the shower head down and held the stream of hot water against her clit, enjoying the sensation that came from stimulating both spots. As the pulsing water pushed her back toward the edge, she increased the thrusts against her G-spot until her body seized up. The orgasm shot through her body at a furious pace, and she had to brace herself against the slick shower wall to keep from collapsing. She cried out, unable to keep her voice contained as the pleasure kept hitting her in waves. Eventually, though, the sensations receded, and Taletha managed to regain her composure. But she nonetheless struggled to finish her shower. Her thighs and hands were trembling so much that she could barely keep her balance or clean herself off.
    After drying off, dressing, and getting breakfast, Taletha decided to skip applying makeup. She didn’t trust her still-shaky hands, and couldn’t believe her body was still reeling from the orgasm. Plus, she was running late already, thanks to her dalliance in the shower. Glancing in the mirror, she decided it really didn’t matter if she went without makeup for one day.
    Taletha drove to the studio with a smile on her face. She couldn’t help but feel optimistic after the amazing week she’d had. But as she pulled up and parked, her joy flew away. She couldn’t believe what she saw. The exterior of the studio was covered in spray paint. The windows were completely black. Whoever had vandalized the place had applied the paint so carefully that not even a sliver of light could get through. On the exterior of the studio, the words “bitch” and “whore” had been applied in neon yellow and green, making them stand out from the red brick walls.
    Trying to maintain her composure, Taletha pulled out her cell phone and dialed 911. Then, she called Lynne.
    “The studio is closed today,” Taletha said, trying to keep her voice steady.
    “What? What’s wrong?”
    “The studio’s been–the studio’s been vandalized.”
    “I’m coming right over.”
    “No, stay at home for now, at least until the police arrive. But I do have some important jobs for you. Send an e-mail to our newsletter subscribers saying that group classes are canceled tonight, call the instructors and tell them they have the day off, and then contact everyone who had a private lesson today and reschedule them, starting tomorrow.”
    “Will–will we be open tomorrow?”
    “You’re damn sure we will be. I’m not going to let us stay closed for more than one day.”
    “Got it. Are you sure you’re okay?”
    “Definitely. I know what I’m doing. And I appreciate your help.”
    “Just doing my job.”
    Taletha snapped her phone shut, amazed she’d been able to maintain her composure for the entire conversation. She wasn’t sure how much longer she could stay strong, though. She thought about calling Morris and Adam, but she knew that the second she heard their voices, she’d fall apart. So she steeled herself against the wall of her damaged building and waited for the police.
    A squad car arrived in record time, and two officers hopped out. One started taking photographs of the damage, and the other started asking her questions.
    “Have you looked inside the building?”
    Taletha realized

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