The Billionaire's Gentle Rescue (The Sisterhood)

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Authors: Elizabeth Lennox
full swing but the event coordinator spotted Marco and separated herself from the crowd, coming over to greet him. “Marco DiAngelo! I can’t believe you’re really here!” she gushed and air kissed both his cheeks. “When I saw your name come up on the guest list I couldn’t believe my luck.” She looked at him slyly, “Are you here because of your sister?”
    “Of course. It’s one of her favorite charities so naturally I’d come to support her.”
    Zoe already knew he was lying but didn’t understand the reason behind it. The fundraiser was for the Humane Society and there were many prominent people in attendance, even New York City’s own mayor who also separated himself and came over to greet Marco.
    It was almost nauseating the way people fawned over Marco but he seemed to take it all in stride, even joking with some of the people about how they shouldn’t interrupt their conversations for him. Marco introduced everyone to Zoe, explaining she was the next up and coming designer, and several of the women were interested in her designs.
    “Isn’t that your sister over there?” she asked, pointing to a group of people talking animatedly in the center of the ballroom.
    Marco looked over and, at that moment, Darcy DiAngelo looked up as well. They were too far apart to speak, but the two of them raised their glasses in a salute to one another, and then turned back to their respective groups. “So it is,” he chuckled. “She’s playing it up pretty heavily,” he commented.
    Zoe looked at the stunningly gorgeous woman with long, beautiful hair and soft eyes, but the rest of her was all glamour, complete with a shocking amount of leg showing and a glitzy cocktail dress that flattered her figure like only Darcy could do.
    The music started after the dinner and speeches but it still took Marco more than fifteen minutes to make his way to the dance floor with her. So many people wanted to speak with him and many of the women asked Zoe where she got her dress. She loved being able to tell them that she had designed it herself and when they would be able to get one for themselves. She smiled at several of the irritated faces when she mentioned it wouldn’t be available for several more months.
    When Marco finally got her into his arms, Zoe smiled up at him, blissfully happy to have received so much attention for her dress.
    “I know you’re smiling because you’re in my arms and loving the way we move together,” he said with a sly smile.
    Zoe had to laugh because she could tell that he understood exactly what she was thinking by the cynical tone of his voice. “Thank you for tonight. It’s been very fun getting so much attention for this dress.”
    “You deserve it. The design is creative and innovative without being too whacky that people will shy away from it. And you look incredible in it, which makes it all the better.”
    He spun her around and pulled her closer, Zoe gasped as she felt his arm circle her body, pressing her against his hard frame. “We’re too close,” she whispered, looking up at him shyly, but she didn’t pull away.
    “I think we’re not close enough,” he replied back, his voice husky and his eyes slumberous as he took in the heightened color on her cheeks. “You feel good.”
    Zoe cleared her throat and looked down, staring at the buttons on his silk shirt. “So do you.”
    Her voice was so soft, he’d barely heard the words. But her admission, so in tune with what he was thinking and feeling, made his body harden with lust for this gorgeous woman. His hand moved against her back, releasing the pressure somewhat and was relieved when she didn’t move away. In fact, he thought he felt her press closer.
    His leg pressed against hers as they swayed to the music. Zoe gasped when she felt his leg move in between hers. Her hand slid up his chest so it could hold onto his shoulder a bit more securely as his other

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