Awakening, 2nd edition

Free Awakening, 2nd edition by Ray N. Kuili

Book: Awakening, 2nd edition by Ray N. Kuili Read Free Book Online
Authors: Ray N. Kuili
claims are, by the way, one hundred percent accurate, which, as we all know, is a rarity when it comes to marketing slogans. Nevertheless, I know that it will be much more entertaining and useful for you to learn why I think that no class in the entire freaking world (he nodded briefly to Paul) is a match for the one we offer. As one of my good friends likes to put it, there are always three reasons for every thing.
    “First,” Clark spread out the fingers of his left hand and curled his little finger, “we ’re the only company in this business who dare to speak the absolute truth. We call things by their name —and let me assure you, this is the only language you will ever hear in this place. The truth. Nothing but the truth. No one else even gets close to the way we discuss your true desires, ambitions and motivations. Everywhere else , you get hints, politically correct mumbling, doublespeak and sheer hypocrisy. Everywhere but here.
    No one in this business—no one but us—talks openly about the real motives that bring you to work day after day. Thes e topics are under a silent, unspoken and yet completely unbreakable taboo. We are the only ones who have no respect for it. We don ’t recognize it, we ignore it and we break it. Here you get the real deal. You get the truth , which no one else in the world of business education ha s ever told you , or will ever tell you.
    “Two,” a ring flashing dimly on Clark ’s ring finger, “w e don ’t stop at just speaking the truth. We analyze it. We turn it into the foundation of everything we do. And as result, we focus on the core factors that make people like you successful. This allows us to help you develop the key skills that will take you far. Very, very far. Again, these are not the skills that you can find in your job description or in MBA curricul a .
    “And finally, three. It is not only about what we teach you. It is about how we teach you. No single business training course in the world does this. Again, this is not a PR line. It ’s a factual statement, confirmed by extensive market research. No single company in the world offers anything like this workshop. And no one ’s methods come even close to ours. What we offer you here is ingeniously simple and ingeniously efficient. This workshop is a unique chance given to you by the heads of your companies. It will give you an enormous competitive advantage, to which your colleagues , including those higher in the ranks , are not privy. By an y measure, it is a rare opportunity. Use it well.”
    Clark curled his thumb and held for a moment the remaining “V” up in the silent air.
    “This concludes my introduction, ” he said in a flatter tone. “Next, we ’re going to proceed with one day of theory and fo ur days of group exercise. At first, you will likely find the theory obvious and the exercise primitive. Don ’t let your first impression mislead you. Taking things lightly is the biggest mistake you can make here. It will take you a few days to realize fully the true meaning of what I ’ve just said, so for now simply trust me on this one. Deciding to take it too easy for too long may cost you dearly.
    “Finally, a few simple rules of engagement and we ’re good to go. You don ’t know much about each other. In fact, all you know at this point is the first names. No last names, no contact information, no companies. I strongly encourage you to keep it this way. The less you know the better.”
    “Why?” Paul asked with a nearly unnoticeable challenge in his voice.
    Clark smiled.
    “Let’s just say your employers will appreciate your discretion. Again, in a few days you ’ll be thanking me for this warning.”
    “Sounds familiar,” said Paul. “Hello, my name is Paul and I’m a manager.”
    “Then another rule will also sound familiar , ” Clark responded to his comment. “What happens at the w orkshop stays at the w orkshop. Granted, you should feel free to discuss your experiences

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