The Don's Baby: A Bad Boy Romance

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Authors: Sophia Hampton
out. I could have cried from the frustration. I wanted to feel his hot, hard length deep inside of me. As deep as he could go.
    “Beg me for it,” he instructed.
    “Please… please , Marcelo, I want you to fuck me,” I begged. I shut my eyes, feeling him fill me up. My arms went around his neck, and he braced his weight on the bed, thrusting into me. His body was a masterpiece, all muscle and sinew, hard and powerful. When we were together like that, him on top of me, inside of me, the complication of our situation just fell away. We became two people connecting with each other, pleasuring each other. We became dead set on enjoying each other’s bodies, working each other and ourselves into a sweaty, satisfied mess.
    I felt another orgasm rise and break inside me. Marcelo’s strokes became shallow and fast, telling me he was close, too. He came soon after I did, spilling his seed inside of me, milking himself dry before pulling out. He rolled onto his back, taking me with him so my body lay on top of his. We were silent, waiting to come down from our highs. My head rested on his chest, both of us still completely naked.
    “Do you hate me that much?” he asked suddenly.
    He moved underneath me, making me look up at him.
    “Is it that bad being my wife? Do you hate being married to me?” he asked again. I lowered my head to his chest where it had been. I sighed, happy that I wasn’t looking at his face.
    “No… I don’t hate you,” I said. I ran a hand lightly over his hard abdomen. The light from the lamp glinted off my wedding band.
    “But you don’t like me either, do you?”
    “You can be… difficult . I mean, if everything was as good as this, then I’d have no complaints.” His chest rumbled as he laughed.
    “You just want me for my body?”
    “As far as I can see, that is the best part,” I said. He pretended to be wounded, putting a hand to his chest.
    “ Ouch . That’s not fair. You don’t even know me,” he said.
    “I only know what you’ve shown me. You’re a very difficult man to live with.”
    “What’s wrong with me?” he asked. Surprised, I raised my head to look at him.
    “Well, you’re bossy. Short tempered. Chauvinistic. Macho—”
    “ Macho ?”
    “Turning me into your housewife. Pulling me out of work today. I’m just saying, I’d like you a lot more if you toned it down a little.”
    “Oh, come on. You love it,” he said.
    I laughed at his confidence. “There it is again,” I said. I felt his hand running through my hair.
    “The way you jumped on me tonight? I would have thrown you over my shoulder—like a caveman— weeks ago if I knew you’d react like this.”
    I ignored his comment.
    “Don’t invite Alana to our house again,” I said quietly. He was quiet—though I knew he had most likely heard me.
    “I won’t.” He stroked my hair and pressed a kiss to my head. For one of the only times since we had promised to love and cherish each other, I felt like a real wife.

Chapter Eight
    She fell asleep with her head on my chest.
    We were in a hotel room so the options were a lot more limited than they were at our house, but there was a couch she could have retreated to if she was too mad at me to sleep in the same bed… or she could have banished me to it for the same reason. After having amazing sex, we had gone to the shower. Clearly, her giving mood had not been diminished by our session on the bed.
    She looked beautiful under the water. So fucking sexy. Her hair looked even darker when it was wet, nearly as dark as mine was. It was plastered to her skin, which turned light pink in her cheeks from the hot water and steam. She had turned around and braced herself against the wall, letting me fuck her from behind.
    It was about time. Shit . I was getting desperate. I hadn’t thought about cheating on her. I wouldn’t do

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