Blood and Snow 9: Love Bleeds

Free Blood and Snow 9: Love Bleeds by Rashelle Workman

Book: Blood and Snow 9: Love Bleeds by Rashelle Workman Read Free Book Online
Authors: Rashelle Workman
Chapter 1
    I believed everything happened for a reason. After my mother died, that belief gave me hope, a life raft in a sea of pain. I convinced myself that maybe she was needed in the after-life, or that she was happier there —wherever there was.
    Of course doubts existed.
    Whispers within, telling me life was random, and a mishmash of messy people trying to get through each day the best they could. But I fought those thoughts, determined to imagine a purpose grew from the ugliness.
    When I saw Christopher standing in the doorway, my first thought was: 
    What the hell is he thinking?
    My second: There’s a purpose.
    More than ever, I wanted to trust that principle.
    Everything happens for a reason.
    Gabe drew a sword from his bac k. “You’re not welcome, vampire. ”
    I flinched. He might just as easily be talking about me. I was a vampire too. Did Gabe no longer welcome me? W ere we not at least friends any more?
    Christopher’s eyes flicked from mine to Gabe’s and then back again. “I had to make sure I sensed the change in Snow correctly. That she was, in fact, awake.” He nodded, a smile lighting his beautiful eyes though it didn’t reach his lips.
    I smiled in response, flipping the covers off, sending my birthday cake to the floor. It splattered, icing going in all directions. The cake was red velvet. It would ruin the white carpet. But I couldn’t worry about that at the moment. The furious energy sizzling and snapping through the room had to be calmed.
    The last time I saw Christopher, he was in what looked like a white casket, covered by a glass lid. The Vampire Queen had him, and had sworn she wouldn’t release him until I gave her the Seal of Gabriel.
    While my mind was with Silindra, I heard Chris topher tell me Sharra freed him. It was good to see him. He looked amazing.
    “I’m so glad you’re okay.” I stepped over the fallen cake, realizing I wore nothing but the nightgown. Crossing my arms, I continued, “I thought Sharra, I mean the Vampire Queen intended to kill you.” I hesitated, watching Professor Pops pick up the broken cake. “Sorry,” I said.
    “No worries.” Bart came over with a trashcan and a towel. He and Sebastian helped Professor Pops toss pieces of the cake in the garbage.
    It was instinct to want to help them clean, but I was desperate to get closer to Christopher. He told me I saved him. I gl anced at his neck. The bear he carved before he was killed, and then turned into a vampire , hung at the V of his white, button-down shirt. Defined muscles shone through the light material.
    “She should’ve killed him, done us all a favor,” Gabe said, moving toward my Hunter.
    “Gabe, stop,” I cried, forgetting my state of undress and stepping between the guys and Christopher. “I-I want him here.”

Chapter 2
    Gabe snorted. “We wouldn’t be having this conversation if he hadn’t Marked you, bit you.” I glanced into each of the brother’s eyes, as well as Professor Pops. They all appeared to share Gabe’s opinion. Except Pops. His expression was unreadable.
    “Okay, I get that,” I glanced at Christopher, trying to figure out his intentions. Did he have a death wish? He carried no weapon. He looked like a regular teenager coming home from school. Black, lace-up boots. Dark jeans. A black belt with a silver buckle. His white shirt tucked in. “He doesn’t have a weapon. He didn’t come for a fight.” I turned and gave Gabe a hard look. “Do not hurt him.” The Seal of Gabriel burned within. I recognized its power and shivered. I wasn’t sure what it meant. But I realized with the power I possessed, I could hurt someone.
    Or help, my inner voice said.
    “He doesn’t need one, Snow. He is weapon enough.” Professor Pops rolled his shoulders, wiping his cake-covered hands on the towel. When he finished, he tossed it to Salvatore, who chucked the towel in a black hamper. It was inconspicuously placed near the bathroom door.
    It was one of those

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