The Pleasure Collection, Swingers Series Boxed Set: #1 House of Pleasure, #2 The Pleasure Party and #3 Possession of Pleasure

Free The Pleasure Collection, Swingers Series Boxed Set: #1 House of Pleasure, #2 The Pleasure Party and #3 Possession of Pleasure by Nicola Six

Book: The Pleasure Collection, Swingers Series Boxed Set: #1 House of Pleasure, #2 The Pleasure Party and #3 Possession of Pleasure by Nicola Six Read Free Book Online
Authors: Nicola Six
minutes ticked on. What's wrong with you? she silently admonished. You're acting like a desperate teenager! A wave of disappointment crashed over her as she signed out of her empty email inbox and reached for the phone to dial Audrey's extension, though her appetite had left with her dignity.
          "How would you like to go to a Halloween party next weekend?" Greg reached to adjust his pillow but didn't look up from his book as he casually asked the question.
          Nicola looked up from her own book. "Are costumes involved? I feel like we're back in college."
          Greg laughed and took off his reading glasses. "Remember that one party in the dorms? There was a different drink to be had in every room on our floor, but no costume, no partaking of beverages."
          Nicola did remember. She and Audrey, roommates that year, had dressed up as sexy vampires and served drinks colored by grenadine, making them look vaguely blood-like. Greg had let her bite his neck later. She snuggled closer to her husband and laid her head on his chest. His arm wrapped around her automatically.
          "I remember what happened after that costume party," Nicola said, running her hand over his torso.
          "Mmm, I remember, too. But seriously, do you want to go to this thing? No costume required but masks are."
          Nicola rolled off of him and sat up. She knew exactly where Greg wanted to go. She had secretly gone on Jack's club's website and seen it advertised, described as a night of "Sexy, Masked fun". His marketing team needed to get more creative. But, the idea did spark more than a few fantasies, including the one Audrey had caught her having earlier.
          "Where is this 'party' happening?" she asked, innocently.
          Greg tilted his head and looked at her with a wicked grin. "At Jack's club, of course. He actually sent me an email to let me know about it. He says it's one of the most popular events of the year, there. Oh come on, it'll be fun!"
          Nicola realized she was frowning deeply. So Jack had emailed Greg as well. He was not covertly seeking her out. He was putting them both on his club mailing list. She flopped back onto her pillows and stared at the ceiling. "Okay," she said, hesitantly. "But we have to swear we are just going to have fun. Any kind of fun we want. No rules, no jealousy. What happens in that club..."
          "Stays in that club. I know, and I agree completely." Greg put his glasses back on and resumed reading, as if they weren't discussing going to what might well be a masked orgy. Just your average Saturday night, lately!
          "When Audrey and I were out to lunch today, she was complaining about her sex life with her boyfriend growing routine and boring." Nicola shook her head, chuckling. "I almost suggested they double date with us to the club some night."
          Greg looked over at her, his large brown eyes wide. "Holy shit, Nic, don't even joke. She's not like us, we have to keep this lifestyle completely secret. Outsiders wouldn't understand at all ."
          "Like us? What are we like?" Nicola demanded.
          Greg relaxed and squeezed her hand. "Nothing. It's just a game, just for fun. But it's private . That's all."
          After Greg lay down his book and turned out his light, after Nicola could hear his soft sleep sounds, as he lay on his side with his back to her, she felt free to brood and obsess, a regular hobby. She's not like us . What, were they in a cult? Audrey had said they were in their "dirty thirties". She was right. Nicola couldn't pinpoint exactly when things shifted into a different gear, but sex was so much easier, orgasms so readily available. Simple fantasizing and shifting the right way in her chair could send her into a state of wet bliss. She came every time they had sex, and often she had steamy dreams that woke her up in the middle of the night, her pussy hot and pulsing with

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