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Authors: Mihaela Gheorghe
say, putting my glass on the windowsill of the terrace, “I’m getting out of here. I’ve got some work to do.”
    Everyone knows what it means for me having something to do. It means that I have some vampires to kill.
    “And after you finish your work, will you come back for another drink?”
    Nikos ' interest causes other palpitations in Cassiopia’s chest, and I feel satisfied. I'm almost tempted to answer ‘Yes’. Almost.
    “No, I don't think so. I shall withdraw in my lair. Now, if you’ll, excuse me. Please, give my respects to the High Priest, okay? See you!”
    I place a hand on the terrace railing and I make a jump.
    When I referred to "my lair", I literally referred to as a lair. Because a lair is, indeed. A place made of lead plates, on the other side of the Lake. It is impossible for any creature to take my smell, or to track me down, if they don’t know exactly where I live. I don't have anything inside, but a bed. And not because I really need a bed to rest. But I do have times when I voluntarily fall asleep, only for the sake of dreaming about the
    moments Kyrya, Dom and I spent together. It is a pleasure, but also a self-flagellation. Because the reality of their lack is always just as painful. But it is also a way to keep my hatred toward the vampires, as crazy, as intense.
    My senses begin to burn at the unmistakable smell of that race. My venom explodes in my mouth. My canines sunk in my lower lip, instantly. Every organ, every muscle I flex, starts to burn. Just like my eyes. I feel them before I see them. I'm in the wharf area, where my smell wanes altogether. I know that they look for me just how am I looking for them. Though my smell is much harder to detect. There are five of them. With the passage of time, I noticed that they are becoming better trained, better fighters, more prepared. But for me… they are never too good, never-never too prepared.
    Even though there are five vampires, two women and three men, even if they are obviously well trained, they have no chance against me. I took the cylinder, at the same time removing myself away the scabbard, jumping into the attack. I stick it in the skull of one of them, powerfully. The dry sound I hear fills me with joy. I push on the button for the ultraviolet rays, and the body of the vampire is split in half, after which it turns to ashes. I counter a hit that I feel coming from my left side, of one of the women. Is the blonde, very white in the face. Her eyes are blood red, as well as her lips. I twist her wrist as in a grip vice. When she’s trying to hit me with her other hand, I catch and twist that wrist too. I see her grimacing when my claws are cutting her skin and hurting her flesh. I look into her bloody eyes for  a split second before I apply her a head shot, then I hit her with a knee in her stomach. She falls a few meters back. The pontoon is dust under her, and she falls into the water altogether. The other three are attacking me all at once, in order to give time for the wounded one to recover. I use the back of the cylinder. They act like ultraviolet lasers. Then all becomes instinct and speed. I hit them, and they hit me back. However, my shots are more powerful, tougher. The wounds that I cause with pride and satisfaction are deeper. My flesh shall recover faster than theirs, precisely because of that. I notice that I chopped off the head of one of them. Before his head touching the ground, his body is turned to ashes. The female vampire from the water joins the remaining ones. I hear nothing but growls and snarls. I feel a pain like a burn on my arm. I realize that one of them bit me. My lips are widening in a thin smile. If they would only know that I am almost immune to their venom… I'm not invincible. I'm just very determined, very controlled, very well trained, and infinitely more accurate. And frankly, my advantage is that I don't believe I have any weaknesses. Yes.. My weak point is incidentally my advantage: my

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