The Huntress: Becoming a Huntress

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Authors: Mihaela Gheorghe
thirst to kill all these monsters. While piercing the chest of one of them with the right hand claws, heating myself with his flesh and blood, I bite the neck of another one, almost decapitating him in half. It is sufficient, however, as with my remaining free hand to pull it. It's as if I yank a toy from a child’s hand. I am now face to face with the blonde vampire woman.
    “What sort of creature you are?”
    I've heard this question from many others.
    "We all  hate you!"
    Cassiopia’s voice resounds in my ears.
    “We, as pure hunters, we refer to you as a separate entity from us, just how you refer to us as being different than you are.”
    Nikos’s voice resounds in my ears.
    “I am what I am.” I respond. And it doesn’t matter.”
    I'm sick of keeping apologizing for my blood. Yes, I am what I am. Maybe I'm a Hunter. Or maybe I'm not. Maybe I'm a third vampire. Or maybe not. Human-I long ago ceased to be, even though I still have atoms of one of them in my blood. So really, I am what I am. But whatever I am, my purpose is to eradicate the vampire disease race. The same thing that the Hunters’ Order wants. So maybe I am a hunter after all.
    Although a kill her very quickly, now that I remained single, I'm not hungry. I'm not touching the flesh of any of them.
    I go into the water. I'm heading to my lair, that’s on the other side, into the Woods, hidden by the rich vegetation. The bite on my arm burns me really bad. Although it's not killing me, the vampire venom is attacking my system until it is absorbed. My gaze films over, and I can feel dizziness coming over me. My breath becomes heavier and I move increasingly harder. My reflexes are semi paralyzed. This condition will pass within two hours, because it isn’t the first time when this is happening to me. If for a pure Hunter, the vampire venom is fatal, I assimilate it within two hours, as I could see in my previous experiences.
    Once I am in the den, I collapse on the simple bed. I am very sick, and my sight had almost completely disappeared. It is very well that I shall recover myself in two hours.
    “This is easier that I actually thought…”
    A laughter…
    An unpleasant smell, unbearable... And a known odor....
    I am almost completely paralyzed, but what I have left in my senses warns me that I am in imminent danger. Nearly blind, I nevertheless realize that around me, there are foreign, threatening presences. Although I can hardly move, my mind is awake. I know that if I don't react in any way, it's as if I would sign the sentence from my own death. I know that the total lack of response will be pure suicide. And with all this... How could I react? How could I fight back? And how could I, at the same time, not to react at all? The first enemy bends above me... I am no less surprised than the others of my own jump. Through the thick fog that is all that I can see, I distinguish eight silhouettes. However, I fail to realize what is nonetheless familiar… a shape... Or maybe a flavor... Something... And how did they find me?
    I fail to exterminate more than three vampires. That’s all that I could kill. It’s all that I have been given to kill. And when you think that there are so many of them that will still remain... When you consider that there are so many of them out there to be killed...When one of those breaks my neck, I out an involuntary painful sound. And I could still recover myself. Only if he would not break my throat. My own blood muddies my face when thick vein bursts with it. It surprises me the smell of my blood. It's not pungent like that of vampires. It's not too tasteless, like that of hunters. I don't smell any of rust, as that of humans. My blood has a sweet smell, almost vanilla. My body is laying on the floor, doubled over. My head is almost detached from the rest of my body. A black mist envelops me. Strange, I always thought I'd see the end in sight when I'll be on death row. But perhaps that is a specific expression of

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