My Estranged Lover (Middlemarch Shifters Book 5)

Free My Estranged Lover (Middlemarch Shifters Book 5) by Shelley Munro

Book: My Estranged Lover (Middlemarch Shifters Book 5) by Shelley Munro Read Free Book Online
Authors: Shelley Munro
Tags: paranormal romance, rurual romance
down the line. “Have you talked to him? Explained your position?”
    The unspoken censure had Dawn’s feline snarling, pacing her mind. “Numerous times. He shouldn’t have married that woman.”
    “You love your grandchildren. You wouldn’t have grandchildren if it wasn’t for Caroline.”
    “Marsh could have married the McCulloh girl or the Kirkpatrick girl. He dated both of them while attending varsity in Dunedin. Then, the next thing Charles and I knew, Marsh brought Caroline home, told us she was pregnant, and they intended to get married. He didn’t even discuss the matter. At least we persuaded him not to tell her about our feline status. Imagine the mess we’d be in if she knew.”
    “Why? Other humans know of our existence. They are loyal to our community. You should have told Caroline the truth. They’ve been together for what…almost six years?”
    “It’s her fault. She is making Marsh do this, leaving Charles in the lurch on the farm.”
    Valerie made agreeing sounds, dampening down Dawn’s agitation.
    “So you’ll speak with the council again?”
    “Our next meeting is this afternoon. Do you know where Marsh is going?”
    “No, he refused to tell us. He said he wanted a fresh start and time to settle in before he contacted us again. He…Charles and Marsh had words. Charles doesn’t wish to see Marsh, but I want to see my grandchildren.”
    “I understand,” Valerie said in a crisp, no-nonsense tone. “I’ll be in touch.”
    * * * * *
    The next morning.
    Caroline placed her hands on her hips and glared at the overflowing suitcases. “How are we going to fit everything into the car? We can’t afford to hire a moving van to get our stuff to the Mackenzie.”
    “I’ll talk to my parents,” Marsh said. “They might let us store some of our stuff.”
    She wrinkled her nose. Dawn and Charles never did anything the easy way, and since Marsh had told his parents they were leaving, his father had gone out of his way to make things difficult. “I can’t believe he’s threatening to chuck us out of our house.”
    “Or not. I didn’t say it would be easy. Dad is still refusing to give me the wages he owes me.”
    “What are we going to do, Marsh? We haven’t got any food in the cupboards. The boys ate the last of the breakfast cereal this morning. We have five days to go before we’re due at Glenshee Station. We need money to buy petrol for the journey and food until we go—” She broke off with a helpless shrug, tears filling her eyes. She could do without food, but the boys…it wasn’t fair. “Your parents keep saying how they love their grandchildren and want them to stay, but they’re making them suffer.”
    Marsh went to her and wrapped his arms around her trembling body. “Shush, kitten. It will be all right.”
    She pulled back and rubbed the back of her neck. “How?”
    She couldn’t see anything but stress in their coming days. Things were bad enough now. James had asked her what was wrong this morning before she’d walked him to the school bus. How could she tell him that his beloved grandparents were the source of her anxiety? And that she’d been crying because she’d found five-dollars in change down the back of the couch.
    “I’ll think of something.”
    “We could sell my jewelry—the necklace my grandmother gave me.”
    “No. Absolutely not. Let me go and see my parents one final time.”
    “And what about our stuff?”
    “I’m sorry, kitten, but we’ll have to restrict ourselves to clothes and important items. Just the things we can fit into the car. Bedding. Towels. Clothing. Toiletries. Get the boys to choose their favorite toys and books.”
    She let out a huff and stared at her feet before meeting his gaze again. “Okay. Should I start packing the car now?”
    “Might as well. It might be easier while the boys are at school and kindy.” Marsh glanced at his watch. “I’ll stop by my parents’ place, then come back to help you pack.” His

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