Shit Kickers & Stilettos (Heiresses In Aprons)

Free Shit Kickers & Stilettos (Heiresses In Aprons) by Rita Sawyer

Book: Shit Kickers & Stilettos (Heiresses In Aprons) by Rita Sawyer Read Free Book Online
Authors: Rita Sawyer
sexy vibe she wanted to explore more. She knew it was damn dangerous to play games with a man like him, but Rosie was finding it irresistible not too.
    Just like teasing him had been. At first she was just doing it to have fun and try and loosen him up. Dade kept glancing at her legs —which she always thought were way too short— so she couldn’t help but move them more. Every time he looked at her she wondered if he was attracted to her, or just distracted by her. Sadly she didn’t know which one she wanted it to be. The only thing she knew was that she really liked the way he kept looking at her.

Chapter Six
    Rosie knew once her parents heard about her and Dade living together they’d show up to find out what the hell was going on. Since they had been out of the country on business when the news went public it took them two weeks. It had given Rosie time to plan what she was going to say, but there had also been enough time for the story to get fully blown out of proportion. Society and tabloid bloggers alike had taken the original story and ran with it.
    Speculation about an upcoming wedding had been bandied about for days. Some wondered if there was possibly an announcement of a pregnancy on the horizon. Mostly everyone wanted to know how long the relationship had been going on. Many asked how they managed to keep it under wraps. Rosie knew better than to respond, and she’d made it perfectly clear to Dade that he wasn’t to comment on anything either. She could tell he was frustrated by her restraints, but Rosie needed him to trust her on this.
    They were standing in the living room arguing over whether or not they should attend Nicolette’s upcoming fundraiser for the children’s hospital when her parent’s gold SUV pulled up in front of the house. Rosie was a bit shocked to see it, because she had expected to get a call demanding she come to them when they were ready to confront her. From the way Dade moved to her side she could tell he noticed her surprise. She didn’t know if his closeness was meant to protect her or himself.
    If he knew what she did , it would have been for himself. Her father had never liked Dade. He’d never given a reason for it, but Rosie thought it was because through him her uncle had gotten the son neither of them had. Pure jealousy drove her father at times when it came to her uncle, and try as he might he just couldn’t hide it.
    She reached down slid her hand into Dade’s and gave his a squeeze. “Let me handle this.”
    “No promises.” Dade’s retort was a mere whisper as her parents entered the house.
    “Rosalind what on earth is going on?” her mother exclaimed as they stormed into the room.
    Rosie knew better than to try and answer before her father said his piece. “We know exactly what’s going on Lillian. It’s all over those trash rags.”
    “Joel, we agreed to get Rosalind’s side of things before we pass any judgment.” It was nice of her mother to try, but Rosie knew her father had already formed an opinion.
    Her father ignored her mother. “This behavior is totally unacceptable.”
    “I agree.” Rosie took a fortifying deep breath, because what she was about to say needed to be done quickly. “If you want to stay here and discuss what has been happening you’ll do it civilly or you can leave.”
    “Rosie, I’m sure your parents are just surprised by what they’ve been reading.” It was sweet of Dade to try and be the peacemaker, but it was useless.
    Her mother nodded. “He’s right dear.”
    Rosie ignored them both and waited for her father to make his decision. He gave her a short and snappy nod agreeing to her demand. Her father took her mother’s hand and led her to the couch. Rosie waited for them to sit down and get comfortable.
    “Dade and I attended a charity function together and it seems a reporter got wind of the fact that Dade and I are living here together. Nothing more or less.” Rosie knew it was a lot more, but

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