Jewelry Can Be Deadly (Sage Gardens Cozy Mystery Book 6)

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Book: Jewelry Can Be Deadly (Sage Gardens Cozy Mystery Book 6) by Cindy Bell Read Free Book Online
Authors: Cindy Bell
Tags: Women Sleuths, Mystery, Mystery; Thriller & Suspense, cozy, Amateur Sleuths
    “If he’s the one that killed Valda and stole the necklace, why wouldn’t we want him arrested?”
    “He’s not a killer.” Jo frowned. “I know he’s not. Besides why would he come back to the villa again? If he already has the necklace what’s the point?”
    “Maybe he wanted to finish the job.” Samantha snapped her fingers. “Maybe he thought that Roger found out or saw too much. Maybe he was here to kill Roger.”
    “No way. One of the most important rules of theft is to never return to the scene. If you get away clean, stay away.”
    “I didn’t realize crime had rules.” Samantha looked at her. “Isn’t there one about not turning on your fellow thief? Is that what happened here tonight, Jo? Did you really just let a murderer escape because you thought you owed him loyalty?”
    “No,” Jo said with conviction. “You don’t understand. I let him go because we will get more information out of him if he’s free than we will if he’s in jail. We’re not going to get anywhere near him to talk to him once he’s locked up.”
    “And now you don’t think he’s off and running?” Samantha asked. “If he’s smart he’s headed for Mexico.”
    “No, I don’t think he’s running. He wants that necklace, he’s wanted it for a long time. If there’s any chance that it’s still in play he won’t stray far.”
    “Or maybe if there’s any chance that he’ll get a second chance with you?” Samantha smiled. “Don’t you think, Jo?”
    “Samantha, you have no idea what you’re talking about.”
    “Maybe not, but I do hope that you will tell me.”
    “Why do you have zip ties in your purse?” Eddy looked at Samantha as he walked back towards them.
    “You never know when you might need to detain someone,” Samantha replied.
    “If you had told me you were going I might have been able to stop him,” Eddy said.
    “We can do some things by ourselves,” Samantha said defensively.
    “Let’s all just try to get some sleep for now,” Eddy said as he pushed his hat up off his forehead and scratched his head. “No more running off. We need to do this together or not at all.” He looked from Samantha to Jo. “I’m not commanding, I’m requesting.”
    “I can agree to that.” Jo nodded.
    “Sounds good to me.” Samantha walked off towards her villa while Jo walked off towards hers. Eddy stood and watched them go, ever-vigilant.

Chapter 9
    A lone in her villa , Jo shed her clothes and changed into pajamas. She crawled into her bed with the hope that her exhaustion would slow down her thoughts. The moment her head hit the pillow, they began to race. They were filled with one person. Drew. In her wildest dreams she never thought she would run into Drew again. He was the type of man that a woman never forgot. But he was also the type of man that every woman tried their hardest to forget. He crawled into her heart and settled there, despite her protests. He made an impression on her that lasted a lifetime. Again, she reached up and touched her neck where the necklace should have been. Her eyes closed as her mind traveled back to the day he gave it to her.
    “There’s this necklace, called the ‘Rose Diamond’, it’s sought after by every master thief. It’s very valuable, and it would look perfect around your neck.”
    “Drew, you know I’m not interested in things like that.”
    “I know you say you’re not. I also know that you deserve to have valuable things. Right now, this is the best I can offer. Consider it a place holder for the real deal, okay?” He held out the jewelry box to her. She opened it to find a silver necklace with a small rose charm. It was the first and last gift she received from a man. Though others tried, she always refused. Drew was the last man she allowed to crawl into her heart. Now he was back, not for her, but for that necklace that he was obsessed with.
    As Jo began to fall asleep she thought about the sound of his voice, and the curve

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