Jewelry Can Be Deadly (Sage Gardens Cozy Mystery Book 6)
you’re saying is you didn’t get a good look at the man you thought was possibly breaking in to this villa?” The police officer jotted down a note on his pad.
    “Yes, that’s what I’m saying.” Jo narrowed her eyes.
    “And you?” The officer looked over at Samantha. “Did you see his face? Anything about him?”
    “She didn’t see him until he was running off in that direction.” Jo pointed towards the road that Drew ran down. Samantha cleared her throat, but she didn’t argue the point.
    “Is that true?” The officer tapped his notepad with his pen.
    “I didn’t see anything but a blur,” Samantha stated.
    “And what exactly were the two of you doing walking around at this time of night?” The police officer who Jo guessed was just barely above twenty-five addressed her as if she was a teenager hanging out after curfew.
    “Walking, like we said,” Jo said.
    “Just walking?”
    “It’s a beautiful night.” Jo looked up at the stars.
    “This is the same villa where a woman died. A woman who you are suspected of poisoning with muffins.” The officer looked over at Samantha. “Are you sure that there isn’t anything else that you want to tell me? Do you have a reason for returning to the scene of the crime?”
    “Excuse me, but it was proven my muffins had nothing to do with her death.” Samantha frowned. “It’s a small community, it’s impossible to go for a walk and not be near someone’s villa at some point. I didn’t even realize which one it was, since it’s so dark.”
    “So, you were out walking, in the dark, for no particular reason, and ended up catching a man trying to break in, but neither of you saw his face or can give any form of description of him?”
    Jo looked sideways at Samantha. She expected her to admit that they had both seen and spoken to Drew, but instead she only shook her head. “Are you going to arrest me for walking and reporting a crime?” Samantha asked.
    “No ma’am, not at this time. But I would advise very strongly that you keep your walks to the daylight hours. Understand?”
    Samantha nodded without another word. The officer turned back to Jo. “As for you, I’d like to recommend that the next time you see a masked man, run the other way and call the police, don’t try to chase him down. You could have been hurt, or worse. Really, you should consider how dangerous something is before you make the decision to run straight for it.”
    “Yes, officer.” Jo folded her arms across her chest and settled her gaze on him. “Next time I’ll call the police instead of doing their job.”
    “Jo!” Samantha exclaimed.
    “Sorry.” Jo lowered her eyes. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean it that way.” She held up her hands in mock surrender.
    The officer shook his head and walked away. “Jo, are you trying to get us thrown into jail?” Samantha asked.
    “I’m sorry, he got under my skin.”
    “We have to talk, Jo,” Samantha said.
    “What’s going on here?” Eddy crossed the grass to reach them. “I heard the sirens and came to check it out. It’s not Roger is it?”
    “No, it’s not Roger. Let’s go before that officer changes his mind about me.” Samantha grabbed Eddy’s hand loosely and led him away from the villa.
    As the three walked towards Samantha’s villa, Jo filled him in on the details, omitting the fact that she knew who the man was. She knew that Eddy would never understand that she knew him and had let him get away. Samantha listened quietly and Jo hoped she wouldn’t tell him the truth.
    “If Jo had let me use my zip ties this case would be solved,” Samantha said as Eddy’s phone rang.
    “I have to take this,” he said apologetically as he walked away from the women.
    “I got distracted,” Jo muttered.
    “You are never distracted,” Samantha said. “You have never made a mistake in the past. You’re not going to fool me into thinking that you did tonight.”
    “I’m sorry, I had to let him go,” Jo

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