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Authors: Meghan Quinn
interruption. That was a whole other frustrating situation. The billionaire, as he was known around campus, got in contact with Jake weeks ago and mentioned how he would be bringing his daughter to the dinner and hoped they would be able to meet. Jake completely forgot about the planned meeting until Jessica came up to him. He didn’t want to piss the billionaire off since he was a very influential person, so he went with the flow. Lexi had to understand that, right?
    Jake ran a hand over his face and thought about the look of displeasure on Lexi’s face when he turned around at one point as he was dancing with Jessica. She was not happy at all.
    Shit , he blew it big time. He ended up dancing with Jessica for three songs until he was able to peel himself away, claiming he had to talk to other people in the room before the night was over. She didn’t keep her intentions of their meeting a secret though when she slipped her number into his pocket.
    Finally a car pulled up to the front of the building which Jake recognized as Darren’s. What the hell? Lexi slipped out with a huge smile on her face and walked arm and arm with Darren to her door. It wasn’t until Jake made himself seen when her smile faded into a frown.
    “What the hell are you doing here?” She asked, hatred falling from her mouth. Jake watched Darren look at both of the m like he previously did when they were in the parking lot earlier. Luckily for Darren, he backed off but not before he placed a kiss on Lexi’s cheek.
    “T hanks for a great time Lex, I’ll see you later.”
    “Thank you Darren.” Darren walked away and Lexi blew past Jake and headed straight to her door without saying another word to him.
    He stopped her before she was able to unlock the door. “Were you with him this entire time?”
    Lexi faced him and looked him dead in the eyes. “You have some fucking nerve coming here, you know that?”
    Wow, she was pissed. He knew she might not be happy but she had fire spitting from her eyes and looked like she could do some real damage if given the opportunity.
    “Listen, I know the night was less than ideal…”
    “Less than ideal? The best part of my night was when I left that dinner. Just leave me alone Jake.”
    “You don’t have to be jealous. I had to dance with Jessica, I didn’t have a choice.”
    “I’m not jealous, I’m humiliated. The minute that leggy blonde came in and said hello to you, you practically spent the rest of the night drooling all over her. I could care less if you dance with someone else but when you completely ignore me, it’s insulting especially since you dragged me to this stupid thing in the first place. Was that your intention the whole time? To make a fool of me? Well congratulations Jake, you did it. You got what you wanted so just leave me the fuck alone.”
    She unlocked her door with precision, slipped inside and shut the door on his face before he was even able to reply to her rant.
    By no means did he bring her to the dinner to humiliate her, in fact he actually wanted to get to know her better. He wanted to spend time with her. Never in his life did he actually want to get to know a woman.
    Shaking his head in disgust, he knew he blew it big time. He banged on her door and called for her to open up. He continued to get louder and louder with his pounding and shouting, knowing that she would open the door just to shut him up.
    Almost exactly on c ue, she flew the door open. “Will you please stop that, you’re going to cause a scene.”
    “Let me explain.”
    “What is there to explain, Jake? What you did tonight mortified me, there is no explaining it.”
    He saw the pain in her eyes and his stomach dropped to his shoes. His intention for tonight was to woo her, to make her see him for who he wanted to be. Instead, he gave her the impression that he was still the old Jake, the ladies’ man Jake. Someone who he despised.
    “Lexi, I’m sorry. Please just let me in and we can talk

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