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Authors: Sierra Rose
Tags: Romance, music
fingertips, then slid down the delicate strap of my dress and kissed my shoulder. He knew that was a big turn-on for me, a sexy move that worked every time.
    “ You’re all work and no play,” he said.
    “ Jake,” I said, shivering with pleasure, “what are you doing?”
    He peppered my neck with open-mouthed kisses. “What do you think?” His hot breath softly blew against my skin between kisses, and it literally drove me crazy.
    “ Mmm…that feels so good,” I said, wondering why I’d admitted that to him.
    “ I want you to feel good,” he whispered in my ear as his fingers glided down my bare arm. “I just need you to focus on us and forget about your phone and your laptop. Nadia is handling everything.”
    Shivers shot down my spine again as he found my sweet spot on my neck. He began kissing me there, driving me absolutely insane with a desire I could hardly stave off. I knew I only had to turn around to claim his mouth in a mind-blowing kiss. Jake started giving me slow, wet kisses all over my neck, then nibbled a bit on my ear. I knew if he didn’t stop soon, it would be all over. I spun around and turned to face him. He was wearing a sexy smile, staring at my lips. I’d never felt so desirable. I softly traced his lips, lips I could have spent all of eternity kissing.
    “ I’m thirsty,” I blurted out. “I’m going to the bar.” I reached for my purse and rushed to get away from him.
    “ Ashly! You forgot your wallet,” he called after me.
    “ Thanks. I guess you have me all…discombobulated.”
    “ Mind if I join you? Maybe we can talk.”
    “ If you promise to behave. And I don’t wanna talk about whatever was going on in there.”
    “ Why can’t you just admit what you’re feeling?”
    I swallowed hard. “I can. I’m not feeling anything.”
    He met my gaze straight on. “I don’t believe you.”
    I snorted and reached for his hand. “C’mon.”
    We relaxed at the bar, enjoying the balmy breeze and live guitar music.
    “ What can I get you?” the bartender asked.
    “ Two piña coladas please ,” Jake said.
    I turned to face him and touched his shoulder. “That’s my favorite tropical drink.”
    “ Yup, followed by strawberry daiquiris.”
    I beamed. “Let’s have both.”
    He shrugged. “The more the merrier, right?”
    “ Right,” I said.
    The bartender set the frosty drinks down.
    Jake picked up the glass with the little umbrella in it and clinked my glass. “To old times,” he said.
    “ To old times,” I echoed.
    A well-dressed woman came up to me and smiled. “I have to ask, where did you get that dress? It’s to die for.”
    I smiled and blushed a little. “Thank you. I designed it myself. It’s from my White Moon Collection.”
    “ Really? Where can I get my hands on such a beautiful garment? I’ve never seen anything like it before, and I just love it.”
    I smiled, reached in my purse, and pulled out a business card. “Here you go. There’s a website address on here for our online store.”
    She took the card, thanked me, and walked away.
    My eyes welled up with tears. I had worked so hard to create a distinctive style, and the fact that someone had noticed and wanted my creation made my heart spill over with joy.
    “ What’s wrong?” Jake asked.
    “ I’m just…flattered.”
    “ Well, I’m not surprised. The dress is stunning, extreme creativity at its finest.”
    I smiled. “Thanks, Jake.”
    After a few drinks, we moved into the restaurant for a first-class meal.
    “ It’s nice having dinner with you again,” Jake said.
    “ I admit, when we started this trip, I was a little childish, but I was so furious with you that I couldn’t think straight.”
    “ When you ran away from me in Australia at that sunset dinner on the beach, it hurt.”
    “ What did you expect from all this, Jake? Did you think I was just gonna run into your arms and beg you for another chance? You burned me, and it’s gonna take a lot more than a few

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