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Authors: Rachel Burns
her breasts. They bounced a bit as
she turned and swayed a bit until they came to a standstill.
only we had time to make love. Would there ever come a time when I
could look at her naked body and not think about ramming my penis
into her? Something about her just took my breath away.
Unfortunately, we didn't have enough time to make love before church.
    “ You
don't have to do anymore corner time. Just get ready for church and
see to your chores. Hurry up.” I tried to sound authoritative, like
I wasn't drooling over her body.
nodded and walked swiftly to the bathroom. I heard her peeing a
second later and then a sigh of relief. She must have really needed
to go. I made a mental note to let her go beforehand if she ever
needed punishing first thing in the morning again.
there ever come a time when I wasn't constantly punishing her?

was ready with breakfast and dressed in her good dress again.
hadn't done anything fancy with her hair this morning. I liked it
when she did. I guessed she didn't have time this morning.
sat down at the table and waited for my plate. She gave me mine and
then made up hers.
sat down and exhaled loudly. She must have been holding her breath.
That woman hadn't sat comfortably since Christmas morning.
waited for her to fold her hands and bow her head. I blessed the food
and both of us, praying that we would stay healthy. I silently added
that I wished that Jessica would grow to love me again and be happy
missed her.
her she had been before I asked her to marry me.

stood behind me holding onto the back of my seat as I drove her to
church on our tractor. I jumped down and held my arms out to her. She
hovered too scared to let go. “I'll catch you. I promise.” I
couldn't even remember how she got down last week.
looked so scared. She even closed her eyes before she let go and
stepped into thin air. I caught her and kissed her cheek. I hadn't
done that since last week when the pastor had said I could.
truth was that I got such a kick out of the woman in my arms. She was
the only woman who would ever interest me.
walked her in, and we got a spot towards the front. We had time to
pray before the service started this morning. After I greeted
everyone and shook hands, I knelt down and grabbed onto Jessica's
hand, so she knew that she should be on her knees too.
prayed for our marriage, hoping that she would, too.
I was finished, I sat down with my left arm open wide, hoping she
would sit close to me. She was still praying, but I guessed that she
had a lot to say to God.
stopped when the church quieted down. She noticed my arm and moved,
so she was wrapped in it. That felt good.
the beginning of the service, she was being good for me, but when the
sermon came, she dozed off. Her head fell on my shoulder, and she
honestly fell asleep. I wanted to crawl into a hole.
moved my shoulder to get her off of it, and she sat up perfectly
straight. She moved away from me a little. She was scared, and she
should be. I was fuming.
it was time to go up for communion, I took hold of her just above her
elbow and squeezed it tight. I guided her the way I wanted her and
didn't let go until it was time for me to get a piece of bread. I
grabbed back onto her arm afterwards.
let out a little yelp, which she tried to cover up with a very fake
sounding cough.
    “ Wait
till I get you home,” I whispered in her ear.
nodded and hung her head as we sat down. After church, I took hold of
her again and helped her into her coat.
    “ Thank
you, sir.” Her big brown eyes looked at me like I wasn't someone
important to her, like I could have been a stranger.
winced at her words. I wanted to tell her that she didn't have to
call me that when I wasn't punishing her, but I would be punishing
her as soon as we got home.
wanted her to say my name again, but I constantly had to punish her.
When we were in bed, she would

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