The Golden Valkyrie

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Authors: Iris Johansen
    “But we can’t just leave,” Honey protested as he took her elbow. “He’s my responsibility, too. I have to find him.”
    “Honey, I told you that…” Lance started when his eye fell on a piece of folded paper in the center of the table. He picked up the note and perused it swiftly. An amused smile was on his lips as he looked up to say, “It’s from Alex. It seems that after you cast aspersions on his masculinity he felt the need for a little active reinforcement. He’s gone after the redhead. He says he’ll see us back at the suite.” He lifted a mocking eyebrow. “Tomorrow morning.”
    “But where did he go?” Honey wailed. “How can I protect him if I don’t know where he is?”
    “You can’t,” Lance said cheerfully as he guided her swiftly through the nightclub to the front entrance. “So why don’t you stop worrying about him? Alex will turn up early tomorrow morning, just as he promised. He knows that I’ve ordered the helicopter to take us to the Folly at ten o’clock.”
    “The Folly?”
    Lance flagged down a passing taxi with an imperious hand, and the cab pulled to a smooth stop at the curb before them.
    “Sedikhan Petroleum recently acquired an estate on a private island in the Gulf of Mexico about ninety miles off the coast of Galveston,” Lance explained, opening the passenger door and helping Honey into the cab. He sank down in the vinyl seat beside her. After giving the driver the address, he continued. “It was formerly owned by an Englishman named Thomas Londale and became known as Londale’s Folly.”
    “Why?” Honey asked curiously as Lance slid an arm about her shoulders and pulled her close to his side.
    “Who knows? Perhaps because the island is located in the hurricane belt and Londale had all the buildings on the island built of stone. It probably cost him a small fortune just to import the building materials.” His hand was playing idly with the silky hair tumbling about her shoulders. “Alex and I leased the property two years ago when we were here last, and found that it met our needs. It’s close enough for Alex to keep in touch with his beloved power-play games, but private enough to allow him total relaxation if he wants it.”
    “And you?” Honey asked softly. “What does Londale’s Folly offer you, Lance?”
    His face became oddly guarded. “It gives me what I need too,” he murmured, and before she could question the statement, his hand closed tightly in her hair and tilted her head back. He looked into her eyes, his own glowing with a warm intensity that made her feel oddly light-headed. “Do you know that I haven’t even kissed you yet?”
    It seemed incredible to her, too. The intimacy of the moments they’d shared tonight had bound them together with golden cords of passion. How strange to realize that they’d only touched each other in the most conventional ways.
    “I can’t wait any longer,” Lance whispered huskily. “I sure as hell didn’t want it to be in the back of a taxi, but I need you now, Honey.”
    Her eyes were wide and wondering as they gazed at the dark intent face slowly lowering to her own. The first touch of his lips was so light as to be almost tentative, a light, brushing caress that teased with a provocative gentleness, then wooed and persuaded, until her own lips were clinging to his in an exchange that was dizzyingly sweet.
    Lance’s hands framed her face with hands that were as gentle as his lips. “Lord, that was good,” he said softly when their lips finally parted. “God, you’re a sweet little thing.” Then he was kissing her again, and it was just as magical as before.
    “I’m not little,” she protested dazedly, while his lips moved to the sensitive hollow of her throat.
    “You’re not?” he asked. “No, I suppose you’re not. Somehow I think of you as being small and cuddly.” His lips closed on hers again, and they were both breathing in little gasps when Lance spoke again.

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