The Witches of BlackBrook

Free The Witches of BlackBrook by Tish Thawer

Book: The Witches of BlackBrook by Tish Thawer Read Free Book Online
Authors: Tish Thawer
Tags: Fiction, Fantasy, Paranormal, Magic
placed it inside the box.
    “Here. Keep it in the box until you’re ready to do the spell. It will need to be done on the next new moon, NOT the full moon. Understand?” Lillian demanded as she handed Caris the box.
    “Yes, I understand. Thanks for your help. We’ll be through this soon.”
    “I hope so, child.”
    Caris took her shopping bag and quickly headed to the car. “Thanks for warming it up, I had to place a special order for a statue Jason’s been wanting.”
    “No problem. You ready to eat?” Trin asked.
    “Absolutely.” Caris drove straight to the Clam Box, hoping she could get Trin to confide in her over their meal.
    “I haven’t had a good bowl of ‘chowda’ in years,” Trin laughed as they were directed to their seats.
    “Well, you won’t be disappointed. I love this place.”
    “Ipswich is fantastic. Do you miss it?” Trin asked, silently answering her own question. Desperately.
    “I do, but what we have in BlackBrook is wonderful as well. I’m thrilled to have found a place where the history doesn’t impede the future.” Caris scoffed. “If that even makes sense.”
    “It does. I can see how being a witch here must be hard. Lillian has done a good job at commercializing her store to make it attractive to tourists, but in reality, the need to hide still falls heavy over this land.” Trin’s eyes started to glaze over.


    “It’s your turn, I delivered the last batch,” Kenna moaned.
    “Be still, Kenna, I’ll do it. You don’t have to whine like the dog,” Kara snapped.
    The girls finished placing the last of the glass jars full of herbal creams and healing salves into the waiting baskets. Mrs. Bishop was expecting her delivery tonight, and the girls never passed up an opportunity to use their gifts to help those in need, and it didn’t hurt that they’d make a few shillings in the process. Kara took hold of the designated set and started out the door.
    “Just a moment, let me put on the finishing touches,” Karina’s soft voice drifted out the door.
    Stepping into the evening breeze, Karina placed her hands above the wicker basket and muttered softly. “Blessings within, blessings without, created with love by servants devout. Bringing light to ease one’s plight, that is the goal of our gift tonight.”
    A golden glow illuminated the jars as the wind picked up, blowing the girls’ auburn hair towards the night sky. Kenna laughed and Kara smiled at her big sister. “That was lovely, Karina.”
    “Thank you. Now be on your way. We don’t want to keep Sarah waiting.”
    Kara set off, while Kenna helped Karina replace the stocks of lavender, orris root, and camellia back upon the shelves of their small workspace in the back room. Tidying and arranging the herbs and oils for next week’s batch of tinctures and charms always brought a sense of peace to Karina, one that seemed to settle over the entire house.
    Inhaling deeply, Karina smiled at her sister as she moved to take the boiling kettle of cinnamon, cloves, and oranges off the fire, to prepare for this evening’s meal. Kara chopped carrots, potatoes, and cabbage for the pottage, while Karina saw to the bread.
    As she placed the boiling pot above the fire, a knock on the door set their hound alight, startling them both.
    Kenna grabbed the mutt and hid in the backroom, while Karina wiped her hands on her apron and crossed to the door. As she reached for the handle, a loud crack of a boot blasted the wood from its hinges.
    “Witch! We’ve seen your magic with our own eyes. You are now officially accused and claimed in the name of God for your assault on all that is natural in this world,” bellowed the loud voice of Thomas Danforth. Four men rushed inside, grabbing Karina by the arms and legs, while two others looked for anyone else in the house. Karina shook her head at Kenna, who remained hidden from view as a result of her quick spell. “Hold her down,” instructed

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