Even the Devil Needs Love

Free Even the Devil Needs Love by Nadia Aidan

Book: Even the Devil Needs Love by Nadia Aidan Read Free Book Online
Authors: Nadia Aidan
Chapter One
    Lucifer’s cock was hard and heavy; the hot little demon beneath him, open and ready for his penetration, her body as sweet and juicy as a ripe peach. He closed his eyes, the fat purple head of his dick pushing inside her warm cunt. He was almost to paradise, seated fully inside her tight sheath, when another hot little demon—no, make that the hottest demon he’d ever known—burst into his bed chambers and ruined what would have been a great night.
    “I want that soul back, Lucifer! That was not your soul to take.” She slammed the door behind her, the walls rattling in the wake of her fury.
    His cock deflated instantly and he rolled off the cute blonde. With a curt nod he dismissed her, his eyes tinged with longing as he stared after her curvaceous backside. That longing soon gave way to irritation when his intruder planted herself smack dab in front of his face, blocking his view of the perfect apple bottom scurrying out of his chambers.
    “Lilith, couldn’t this have waited?” He stood, towering over her, his eyes glowing a scarlet red. “I was just a little busy .”
    She stood before him, unimpressed by his mounting fury. Instead, of backing down, as most would have, she closed the distance between them. And he forced himself to bite back a groan when her leather corset, binding what he knew were gorgeous full breasts, brushed the hair-roughened skin of his chest, awakening his arousal. His body always reacted this way when she was near, whenever she touched him. It was as if his cock needed to remind him he’d been a fool to let her get away in the first place.
    “That soul you took? The young soldier? That’s my soul, you dumbass. She belongs to Odin, not you.”
    “She was an assassin—a killer.”
    “She was a soldier —a warrior. She belongs in Valhalla, not in Hell.”

    Lucifer’s hard gaze snapped to Lilith, the cruel glint in his eyes and harsh slant of his lips making him all the more handsome, if that was even possible. He was dangerously sexy, the unyielding planes of his face, his rock hard body, a temptation that called to the most secret places of her femininity. She shook her head, shaking off the desire that pulsed through her veins. He was an arrogant bastard. Women fought to have the honour of spreading their legs in his bed, and he knew it.
    “I want that soul back.”
    He poured himself a glass of wine, the strong, tanned length of his fingers drawing her gaze. “You know the rules, Lilith. A soul for a soul.”
    “She doesn’t belong here in Hell with you.”
    His sneer was cool and unemotional and she shook with fury at how cold and unfeeling he could be. The soul she fought for was not meant for Hell. She’d given her life for her fellow comrades. She deserved eternal honour, not the torment Lucifer would rain upon her.
    “What is it that you want, Lucifer? What is it I can give you that will make you release her?”
    His eyebrow arched above dark fathomless eyes, his sheet of raven hair rippling down his back as he turned to face her.
    “You know what I want, Lilith.”
    His whispered words sent a shiver down her spine, because she knew exactly what he wanted. That’s why she was there in the first place.  She flicked her unbound locks over her shoulder and moved towards him. Her heart thudded harder in her chest as he watched her, his eyes following every whispery move she made, the subtle tilt of her lips, the tendril that curled at her breast, her sweaty palm that smoothed its way down her leathers.
    She stopped before him, unable to move closer even if she wanted to. And gods be damned she did. Her body throbbed with need for him, but she ignored the dull ache. She didn’t belong in Hell any more than that young soldier did and they both knew it.
    “I can’t stay here, Lucifer. I belong to Odin now.”
    She knew that was the last thing she should have said when his eyes narrowed to dangerous slits and angry fire leapt in his crimson gaze.

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