Dark Obsession

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Authors: Fredrica Alleyn
    She was wearing tiny silk bikini briefs and when Crispian let his tongue glide over the material she nearly spasmed on the spot at the delicate pressure. He allowed his tongue to play around the edges of the bikini, gliding into the creases of her thighs and then across the small strip of silk again before tugging at the edges with his hands and finally pulling them down her legs and over her feet.
    Annabel sighed with satisfaction as she felt his arms pushing her knees apart and his hands gripping her thighs, but suddenly she opened her eyes in astonishment as another pair of hands slid circles of rope over her ankles and then she was being spread-eagled even wider as her feet were pulled outwards.
    Struggling to sit up she saw Tania expertly fastening the ropes to two conveniently situated wooden poles. ‘Don’t worry,’ said the auburn-haired girl, her eyes glittering. ‘No one will come along and spoil your fun. We often use this place and there’s never been an interruption, has there, Crispian?’
    ‘Let me go!’ exclaimed Annabel, hitting out at Crispian, but he only caught her hands and pushed them backwards. ‘Tie her hands as well, Tania. I need to concentrate.’
    ‘You can’t do this!’ protested Annabel.
    ‘Of course we can, and it’s fun. Just you wait and see,’ Tania reassured her, pulling some more rope round the slim wrists and fastening the other ends round two metal rings in the stable wall. ‘There, you look lovely. We should have taken her dress off first though, Crispian.’
    ‘Just cut the straps,’ said her stepbrother.
    Annabel tried to protest, to tell them that the dress was expensive and she didn’t want it ruined, but then Crispian’s head moved back between her naked thighs and she felt his fingers opening her up so that his tongue could move up and down the cleft between her sex lips and she started to tremble.
    While he was working, Tania was cutting the thin straps of Annabel’s dress and then she peeled the bodice back off her breasts. ‘Nice,’ she said approvingly. ‘Not very large, but firm. What do you think, Crispian?’
    He swirled his tongue around Annabel’s rapidly swelling clitoris for a moment and then lifted his head to examine her exposed breasts. ‘Very nice,’ he agreed. ‘Use the suction cups on them.’
    Annabel began to struggle against the ropes, but he slid a hand up beneath her dress, massaging her abdomen and carefully filling her with an incredibly warm, melting sensation that overwhelmed her fear and focused her thoughts back to the delicious feelings he was arousing in her.
    Tania placed two clear plastic cups over Annabel’s breasts and then pressed on the attached bulbs. Immediately a strange sucking feeling coursed through her breasts as the blood flow increased and Tania was able to watch as the other girl’s soft mounds swelled and her nipples grew pointed and tight.
    Knowing what was happening above him, Crispian now fastened his lips firmly round Annabel’s clitoris and began to suck slowly on that, so that it felt as though his mouth and the cups were working in unison. She gasped with excitement and felt her belly tighten.
    Her thighs trembled violently and she felt them pressing against Crispian’s cheeks as her climax approached. Alerted by this, Crispian slowly eased the amount of pressure against the tiny mass of nerve endings giving her such delight and very slowly her body ceased its climb towards orgasm.
    She whimpered in frustration, but there was nothing she could do because of the way they’d tied her up.
    ‘You nearly came then, didn’t you?’ he asked.
    ‘Yes,’ she said breathlessly. ‘Why did you stop?’
    ‘We’ve got a guessing game we like to play,’ said Tania, easing one of the suction cups off Annabel’s left breast and running her fingers slowly round the swollen globe. ‘When you’ve finished it, then you get your climax.’
    The finger moved lightly, softly, circling the tight flesh

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