Free Three by Twyla Turner

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Authors: Twyla Turner
think I just might take you up on that.” Simone smiled at the older woman.
    “Will you be taking lunch in your room or are you coming back down to eat with the boys? I think you should come back down, if only to spend time getting to know them. They can be a little overwhelming, but once you get to know them, they’re some really great guys.” Rachel said before she walked away.
    Simone stared after her and in mid-step a few feet away, Rachel turned and looked at Simone thoughtfully.
    “You should give them a chance. I think you’d be good for them. Oh and if you do come down for lunch, make sure you wear your hair down. Men love long flowing hair.” Rachel smiled and then turned and walked away.
    Why does everyone, including the guys refer to them as a whole?! Simone wanted to shout across the room to the retreating lodge owner. Instead she just shook her head in confusion and headed to her room.

    Chapter 5
    After serious deliberations, Simone decided first not to call Amber. She was so embarrassed over her reaction to Jackson and Xander, she really didn’t want to talk about it. And second, she mustered up enough bravery to take Rachel up on her suggestion to spend more time with the guys. Avoiding them wasn’t going to work, if they had anything to do about it. And at least if she spent more time with them she could decide which one she may want.
    Another big decision she had made while taking a relaxing bath, was that maybe losing her virginity to one of the men, wasn’t necessarily a bad thing. She had never really thought much about keeping it from a moral standpoint, whether to wait for love or marriage. It was more of a lack of interest. She had never been a sexual person, so she didn’t care to have sex, didn’t seek out learning about sex.
    But now that the sexual side of herself was finally making an appearance, due to the gorgeous men, she thought that maybe it wasn’t a terrible idea to take advantage of it. Who knows if I’ll ever feel this way again about a man?
    So with a deep fortifying breath and a final swipe to her thick hair, Simone walked out of her room and headed to the dining room in an outfit that Amber had picked out that reached way beyond her comfort zone.
    “The lights are going to be pretty bright tonight. So it’ll be a perfect time to show Simone. But it also looks like we’re going to be hit with a major snow storm coming in a couple of days.” Xander said looking at the weather on his cellphone. “That’s just great. I know that’ll delay several flights coming in with some of my guests. I have a big group coming in in a couple of days.” Xander said with frustration.
    “It’ll be fine. They’ll get here eventually.” Jackson said knowing how the weather worked in Alaska and reminding Xander of it. “But we better make sure we get Simone back to your lodge before it hits, of course after we show her the lights tonight.”
    “Definitely.” Xander agreed, and then looked up when he sensed movement in the doorway. “Well, speak of the devil.” Xander said as Simone walked into the dining room and then whistled when he got a good look at her.
    Simone was wearing black leggings that fit her thick legs, hips and ass like sin with knee-high brown boots. Over the leggings she wore a form fitting long cream cowl-neck sweater that accentuated her full perky breasts, smaller waist and ridiculous hips and ass. And her hair hung loose in inky black waves down to her tailbone. She had even foregone her glasses for the afternoon.
    Both men swallowed audibly and adjusted uncomfortably in their seats.
    “Jesus.” Jackson whispered under his breath.
    “Are you trying to kill us?” Xander asked as they both stood up as she walked up to the table. “J-Lo and Kim Kardashian have got nothing on you!”
    Simone ducked her head down and blushed profusely. “You guys are so weird. I’m shaped like a pear, which isn’t the normal standard

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