The Week I Was A Vampire

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Authors: Brittney Dussault
                  Grinning devilishly, Daniel winked at Lux as he lead the way into the forest.
                  “This way,” he said, “no one will hear you scream.”
                  “Not funny, vamp-butt,” Lux said and then paused long enough to admire Daniel’s derriere.  “Not bad.”
                  “Come on, Lux,” Jude said, grabbing her friend’s arm and tugging her along until she started to willingly move.
                  “In my defense,” Lux said, “I was just admiring the finely formed scenery.”  At Jude’s glare and Daniel’s amused, backwards glance, Lux quickly changed topics.  “Jude, did you scream when Jemima attacked you?”
                  Jude stopped, as did Daniel, who turned around to watch as her face flashed through a myriad of emotions as her mind replayed the events of that fateful night.
                  “I don’t know,” she said.  “I don’t remember screaming.”  She looked to Daniel for the answer.  “Did I scream?”
                  He shook his head.
                  “It was surprising, really,” he said.  “Almost like you’d accepted your death.  You did thank me for saving you, though.”
                  Jude nodded, accepting his answer, before the trio continued to move forward, Lux still unconvinced they were in the right place.
                  At last, Daniel came to a halt before the small cabin Jude had seen through the trees from the road.  It was almost picturesque with warm light pouring from the windows onto the pristine snow.  She wondered if this Grigori person ever left the house; the snow around the door looked completely undisturbed.
                  “Look closely, Lux,” Daniel coached.  “You may not be able to perform magic, but you can certainly see through the glamour, if you try.”
                  “Glamour?” Lux said, staring blankly at Daniel.  It was nice, Jude had to admit, to not be the only one in the dark for a change.
                  “Like the appearance of a vampire,” Daniel said.  “We’re not supermodels to each other, but we have a sort of glamour that makes us appear almost unearthly in our beauty to others.  Not only does that glamour enhance our appearance, but it can also be used to draw humans to us, depending on how much energy we put into it.”
                  “So Jude is glamoured?” Lux said and Daniel nodded.
                  “Just enough that people will stop and stare at her.  Not enough to lure in prey and when she learns to control it, she’ll be able to pass as an ordinary human.”
                  “Like Mafe,” Jude said, suddenly realizing why the ancient vampire had seemed so ordinary.
                  “Exactly like Mafe,” Daniel said before turning back to Lux.  “There are many forms of glamour and right now, Grigori is using a glamour to conceal his home from human sight.  You should possess the ability to see through it, though.”
                  Lux stared into the empty space, concentrating hard on the undisturbed snowy glen in front of her.
                  “It’s like a clicking,” Jude said from behind her.  “Like something in your eyes just clicks into place.”
                  Lux thought about eyes clicking into place, thinking that a strange description, before she felt her own eyes click and gasped as a fully formed cabin materialized in front of her.  Spinning around, she saw Jude as she had once been- uneven complexion and green eyes- before the glamour flew back up and her friend returned to her supermodel good looks.
                  “It’s hard to see through a vampire’s glamour unless you’re a vampire,” Daniel said, “or unless they allow you to see them.” 

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