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Authors: Tori Brooks
say the rest of his life hinged on the next couple of hours, but Paul felt that level of pressure nonetheless. That he might lose interest himself didn’t cross his mind. Their future together was in Teri’s hands, and he had to sell it.
    Selling himself wasn ’t usually a problem. Paul had a knack for winning people over, to the point of closing deals based on their impressions of him rather than his product or company. This was different, and it bothered him. His cool unruffled character, always a bonus in the board room, was undoubtedly ruffled. His self-confidence hadn’t been this shaken in – well he couldn’t remember how long. And it took a woman to do it. He laughed at himself. If all else failed, he could beg. That would be another new experience.
    A text message from Tim came in just as the limo came to a stop. Paul glanced at it: a reminder that Teri didn ’t volunteer her real identity. He was so used to referring to her as “Teri” when talking to Tim that the reminder wasn’t unwarranted. Of course Teri knew Paul was on to her. He ensured that last night when he leaned over and whispered “I’d like to take you to lunch and get to know you better as yourself.” He didn’t outright say he knew her secret, but she stiffened at the implication before agreeing. Given the circumstances, Tim was right. Paul fixed the name “Lexi” firmly in his mind as he walked into the lobby.
    Lexi sat quietly in the small lounge , waiting. She saw him enter, stood, and walked over. She didn’t seem happy to see him. That was to be expected, but his stomach hardened regardless. Wordlessly he offered his arm and she took it gracefully. Leading her back to the limo, he helped her in before taking his place beside her.
    “ You know,” Paul started slowly as the driver pulled away from the hotel, “I started checking up on you the first time we met.”
    “ I didn’t actually, but it doesn’t surprise me. So you dug up everything you could.” She didn’t look at him as she answered, which Paul took to be a bad sign.
    “ Yes, to try to unravel the mystery.”
    “ Great. Well done. Satisfied?”
    “ Actually, no. I’m not really interested in ‘Lexi’ so much anymore. I’d rather get to know ‘Teri’ if that’s all right with you.”
    Lexi looked at him sharply. Paul expected more of a reaction. He watched her for a moment , uneasy as he recognized her stress.
    “ I made you uncomfortable, didn’t I?”
    “ I’m the same person. It’s just a name.” Her voice was calm, but she looked away again as she spoke.
    “ Do you really believe that?”
    “ Do you really believe I have multiple personalities?” She glared at him briefly before looking back out the side window.
    “ Of course not,” he chuckled, gratified that she chanced looking at him again. “You know as well as I do that people bring forward different aspects of their character for different situations. People are generally different at home versus at work. ‘Lexi’ is an attitude you adopt when you have to deal with people you want to keep away from your private life. People you would never discuss your feelings or dreams with. People who may know you have children, but nothing about them. I don’t want to stay in that category.
    “ I realize it’s not a simple request. You don’t know me very well, and you didn’t willingly divulge your identity. Don’t worry, I’ve been very careful to control that information from the beginning. Since I do know, you don’t need to rein in what you say around me.”
    Lexi nodded slightly. “I understand, but I’m not really sure if that’s a conscious decision. You know the other side where most people who call me ‘Lexi’ don’t, that’s true. But, as you said, it wasn’t my choice. I don’t know you.”
    Paul tried to conceal hi s disappointment. “That’s fair. ‘Lexi’ it is for now then, with the addendum that the wall between your identities is made of glass in my

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